The stars picked my hus­band

I used astrol­ogy to choose my hus­band

Chat It's Fate - - Contents - Ni­cola Bartlett-deed, 42, from Lu­ton, Bed­ford­shire

W hen I was 13, I used to buy

Zo­diac Weekly with­out fail. I loved that mag­a­zine and pored over the ar­ti­cles for hours.

I col­lected ev­ery sin­gle is­sue and I put them in spe­cial fold­ers. I’ve even still got the mag­a­zines and the fold­ers some­where. Zo­diac Weekly was bril­liant, it taught me the ba­sics of astrol­ogy and gave me an overview of sun signs, ris­ing signs, plan­ets and the houses.

As the years passed, my fas­ci­na­tion with astrol­ogy grew stronger – and in 2006, I de­cided to ex­pand my knowl­edge by go­ing on a on a week-long astrol­ogy course at astrologer Joanna Wat­ters’ house in Le­fkada, Greece.

I had a great time, learn­ing all about the stars in the morn­ings and spend­ing my af­ter­noons on the beach! As part of the course, Joanna did my birth chart. Your birth chart shows the po­si­tion of all the plan­ets and stars at your time of your birth, and how this in­flu­ences your per­son­al­ity, mak­ing you what you are.


My chart showed that my sun is in Virgo and my ris­ing sign is Sagittarius. It also re­vealed that my Moon, Mars and a num­ber of other plan­ets are all in Li­bra.

‘You’re a Virgo, so you’re me­thod­i­cal, a worka­holic, a real stick­ler for de­tail and like to con­trol what’s go­ing on,’ Joanna told me. It was so true – I re­ally am a con­trol freak and typ­i­cal Virgo! But all the Li­bra in my chart meant I could be in­de­ci­sive, too.

In May 2008, I went on a night out with a friend and met a bloke called Dar­ren in a club. A friend of a friend, Dar­ren was good-look­ing with a cheeky grin and seemed like a nice guy. He spent all night try­ing to chat me up! He was a Tau­rean – a good match for a Virgo like me - but I’d been sin­gle for two years and wasn't look­ing for ro­mance.

Dar­ren was per­sis­tent, though. He per­suaded me to give him his num­ber, then rang me up and made me laugh with his jokes and silly voices. I agreed to go on a date with him. Then an­other, and an­other… Grad­u­ally, ro­mance be­gan to blos­som. But al­though my heart was fall­ing for Dar­ren, my head was say­ing no. I’d been en­gaged in my twen­ties and it hadn’t worked out. I didn’t want to go through that heart­break again. Could I re­ally trust Dar­ren?


I de­cided to take a leap of faith and we moved in to­gether in Oc­to­ber 2008 – but I could still feel my­self hold­ing back emo­tion­ally. Dar­ren was lovely – but were we truly com­pat­i­ble? The in­de­ci­sive Li­bra in me just wasn’t sure!

It wasn’t fair to keep Dar­ren hang­ing on, so I de­cided to take ac­tion. In Jan­uary 2009, I asked Joanna to draw me up a

Dar­ren was a Tau­rean - a good match for my Virgo

com­pat­i­bil­ity chart. I gave Joanna our dates, times and places of birth. A few days later, she emailed me a chart read­ing. ‘Oh my word!’ I mut­tered as I read through it. I hadn’t told Joanna any­thing about Dar­ren but she’d de­scribed his per­son­al­ity per­fectly. Joanna saw that Dar­ren had lots of women around him - but, as a part­ner, he’s only in­ter­ested in one per­son. ‘That’s so true,’ I gasped. Dar­ren had al­ways had loads of fe­male friends – some­thing I’d been wary about, a fac­tor in my re­luc­tance to com­mit. Now I re­alised that I didn’t need to be jeal­ous. The astrologer said that our meet­ing was writ­ten in the stars and that we would have bumped into one an­other sooner or later. Spook­ily, I found out a few weeks af­ter meet­ing Dar­ren, now 39, that I had been chat­ting to his sis­ter Sarah at the gym for six months. She’d never even men­tioned her brother. Joanna spot­ted that Dar­ren re­ally un­der­stands me, and high­lighted that both of us have the ris­ing sign of Sagittarius. Our ris­ing signs are within a de­gree of one an­other, which shows we're twin souls - the per­fect com­bi­na­tion for a last­ing re­la­tion­ship.


Joanna fin­ished by say­ing that Dar­ren was kind and that he would be con­sis­tent with his love. She said: ‘He will make a great part­ner and be per­fect daddy ma­te­rial.’ That made me smile! The read­ing con­vinced me that what I al­ready knew was true. Dar­ren was def­i­nitely ‘The One’. Dar­ren pro­posed on 17 Jan­uary 2009 - two weeks af­ter I was sent the chart. He’d seen a re­ally horrible ac­ci­dent and it had shaken him up, made him re­alise that life’s short and you’ve got to make the most of ev­ery minute of it with those you love. As he knelt be­fore me, hold­ing out the sparkling en­gage­ment ring with a hope­ful smile on his face, I took a deep breath – but I al­ready knew my an­swer. ‘Yes,’ I gasped hap­pily.


Armed with our won­der­fully com­pat­i­ble astrol­ogy charts, I didn’t have a sin­gle doubt about our shared fu­ture. We mar­ried in 2014 and now have two gor­geous chil­dren, Al­fie, seven, and three-year old Eden.

I didn't tell Dar­ren about the chart at the time, didn't want to freak him out - but he knows now and thinks it's in­ter­est­ing. In fact, he's read the re­port and he was sur­prised by Joanna’s ac­cu­racy re­gard­ing his per­son­al­ity.

Thanks to astrol­ogy, I have a won­der­ful hus­band and we’re look­ing for­ward a life­time of hap­pi­ness to­gether. It’s writ­ten in the stars, af­ter all! For a read­ing with Joanna Wat­ters or de­tails of her astrol­ogy cour­ses in Greece, visit joan­nawat­

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