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Mythol­ogy is full of weird hy­brid crea­tures – horses with wings, lions with grif­fin heads, and so on. But they’re fic­tional, right?

Maybe. An­glers in Guizhou, South West China, al­most broke the in­ter­net when they posted a photo of a fish they’d caught that ap­peared to have the head of a bird.

So­cial me­dia promptly went bonkers spec­u­lat­ing what this weird hy­brid crea­ture might be. Some thought it looked like a dove or a pi­geon, oth­ers that it was more like some kind of pe­cu­liar beaked dol­phin.

How­ever, ex­perts say it’s most likely a de­formed carp. Birth or growth de­fects are not un­com­mon in fish, par­tic­u­larly if they’re starved of oxy­gen due to over­fish­ing, for ex­am­ple.

The ‘bird fish’ was re­leased back into the wa­ter - and no fish were harmed in the mak­ing of this Outer Source ar­ti­cle!

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