House­mate from hell – evil en­tity wants me to die

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Stand­ing in the liv­ing room of a semi-de­tached house in Hor­sham, West Sus­sex, I watched the other mem­bers of the para­nor­mal in­ves­ti­ga­tion group bustling about, ex­cit­edly set­ting up their equip­ment.

I was a mem­ber of the team, and the fam­ily who lived here had called us in to do a clear­ance after be­ing scared out of their wits by mys­te­ri­ous dark shad­ows, ter­ri­fy­ing growls at night, and a hor­ri­ble feel­ing that they were be­ing watched all the time.

There were ten of us crammed into the liv­ing room, which looked com­pletely or­di­nary – pho­tographs of the kids on the walls, comfy cush­ions on the set­tee – but I was start­ing to get a strange, churn­ing feel­ing in my guts.

Some­thing wasn’t right here. In fact, it was very wrong…

Psy­chic all my life, I’d learned over the years to trust my gut in­stinct. As a kid, I’d had an ‘imag­i­nary friend’ called Thomas. We’d play for hours to­gether, un­til Thomas would get scared and tell me, ‘The nasty man’s com­ing!’ Then he’d run away and hide.

Mum said I talked about him all the time. She told me, ‘You said that Thomas was six years old, and that he’d died in our house. The “nasty man” was his dad who’d drowned him in the bath­tub.’

Then my mother did some re­search and dis­cov­ered it was true – there was a child who died in our house, and his fa­ther was sus­pected of mur­der­ing him!’


When I was 22, I de­cided to find out if I re­ally did have some kind of psy­chic abil­ity. I met up with a cou­ple of peo­ple from a lo­cal para­nor­mal group in Hor­sham. One of them was a medium, and she said to me, ‘Grandad says you’re not mad. I’ve been chat­ting to him.’

It was a huge re­lief to dis­cover that there were like-minded souls out there. I joined the group and felt like I’d fi­nally found my niche.

That’s how I found my­self in a liv­ing room in Hor­sham on that evening in 2012. The at­mos­phere felt hu­mid and op­pres­sive – and it wasn’t just be­cause there were so many of us squashed into such a small space.

As we joined hands in a cir­cle and linked our en­er­gies to move the spir­its on to­wards the light, I started

The ‘nasty man’ haunted my child­hood

to see move­ment all around us. Dark shad­ows were grad­u­ally fill­ing out and tak­ing form.

We were sur­rounded by spirit peo­ple. I could tell the oth­ers could see them too, be­cause they were look­ing around and gasp­ing. One of the spirit peo­ple was a woman with hands tightly bound to­gether, and a noose round her neck. Two oth­ers looked like monks, with dark cowls pulled over their heads to hide their faces.

By now, I was re­ally scared.

Then, sud­denly, in the mid­dle of the cir­cle, a black mist be­gan to form. It grad­u­ally took the shape of a tall man

Ghastly grin

I brought an evil en­tity home with me Ed Booker, 37, from Wor­thing, West Sus­sex

dressed all in black, wear­ing a top hat. It raised its head and smiled di­rectly at me! It had hideous, mouldy brown teeth, like bro­ken grave­stones. I shut my eyes and willed it to go away – but when I half-opened one eye, it was still there, leer­ing at me. That’s when I re­alised that two of the male shadow fig­ures had darted be­hind me. Next thing I knew, I’d been grabbed by the el­bows and was be­ing pulled back­wards! Ev­ery­thing very­thing went quiet as I strug­gled to get free. It was like I was be­ing

pulled out of this time and this place…

‘Ev­ery­thing Ev­ery­thing al­right, Ed?’ said a voice by my ear. It was one of my team mem­bers, star­ing at me in con­cern. Her voice dragged me back to the here and now.

‘Yeah, I’m fine,’ I mut­tered. Bad­feel­ing But I didn’t feel fine at all. Sick, dizzy and ab­so­lutely drained, I headed home, where I col­lapsed into bed. Of course, I had hor­rific night­mares. With its top hat and ghastly crew of freak­ish spooks around it, the ghost with the bro­ken teeth re­minded me of noth­ing so much as an evil cir­cus ring­mas­ter. I hoped the bad dream would fade away next morn­ing, but it didn’t. All day long, I felt in­cred­i­bly low and de­pressed. And when I went to bed that night, I had the same night­mare again. That’s when it started to dawn on me – had I brought some­thing back from that para­nor­mal in­ves­ti­ga­tion? I asked a medium I knew to in­ves­ti­gate for me.

‘I’ll have a look and see if any­thing’s at­tached it­self to you,’ she said.

She came to my flat – but the mo­ment she stepped into my bed­room, she started clutch­ing at her throat.

‘Some­thing’s stran­gling me,’ she gasped.

She ran out of my flat – and re­fused to re­turn.

I asked another medium to in­ves­ti­gate, but this one didn’t even make it as far as my front door.

‘There’s some­thing bad in there,’ she said flatly.

Two and a half weeks after the ‘clear­ing,’ I col­lapsed with a seizure and was rushed to hos­pi­tal.

The doc­tors couldn’t find any­thing wrong with me. I was dis­charged, and sent back to my flat. Walk­ing through the door, I could in­stantly feel some­thing was wrong – and I could hear a strange chat­ter­ing sound. Drip­ping­wet

I walked through the flat try­ing to track it down, and threw open the door to my bed­room. There was noth­ing there.

That night, I was wo­ken by the sound again. I opened my eyes – and there was a woman stand­ing at the end of my bed, drip­ping with wa­ter. Her teeth were chat­ter­ing with cold – that was the sound I’d been hear­ing.

Hor­ri­fy­ingly, her hands were bound and there was a noose round her neck.

It was one of the spir­its from the séance – and I knew ex­actly what that meant. The hor­ri­fy­ing cir­cus ring­mas­ter ghost was near…

The medium re­fused to en­ter my flat

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