Spells keep our fam­ily to­gether

Even my 10-year-old grand­son casts spells!

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Ge­or­gena Bly­thing, 66, from Uz­mas­ton, Pem­brokeshire

Stroll past my cot­tage down a pretty coun­try lane, and from the out­side, you’d think ev­ery­thing was com­pletely nor­mal. Open the front door, though, and you’d trip up over a broom­stick, find crys­tals and herbs for mak­ing spells. You see, my home is where my fam­ily coven prac­tices our rit­u­als.

I’m the High Pri­est­ess. The other coven mem­bers are my daugh­ter Sher­ilee Bly­thing, 42, a self­em­ployed cleaner; daugh­ter-in-law Steph Bly­thing, 42, a full-time mum; and Steph’s chil­dren Freeleigh, 19, and Raven, 11.

I share my home with my hus­band Steve. He’s the only one of the fam­ily who isn’t a witch!

Child­hood pas­sion

Be­ing a witch comes nat­u­rally to me. When I was four, my grand­mother, who was also a witch, let me watch her mix herbal po­tions for peo­ple at her kitchen ta­ble.

When I was 35, I dis­cov­ered I was a nat­u­ral at read­ing the tarot cards

Five years later, I saw an ad­vert in the lo­cal pa­per ask­ing if peo­ple wanted to join a coven. Un­der the watch­ful eyes of this coven’s high pri­est­ess, I learnt about the phases of the moon and was taught how to cast spells safely. Now, I per­form spells for free for ev­ery­thing from ca­reer is­sues to love although I do charge for heal­ing and tarot read­ings.

As a fam­ily coven, we meet reg­u­larly to per­form rit­u­als on the main pa­gan fes­ti­vals, or sab­bats, such as Im­bolc on 2 Fe­bru­ary and Samhain on 31 Oc­to­ber plus the sol­stices, like the sum­mer sol­stice on 21 June.

If it’s a dry night, we build a fire out­side and I call in the four el­e­ments – earth, air, fire and wa­ter - for pro­tec­tion be­fore cast­ing the cir­cle. Next, we all join hands and fo­cus our in­ten­tion. The cir­cle con­tains the power of the rit­ual.

En­er­getic mes­sage

The rit­ual is the ‘mes­sage’ of en­ergy that’s sent to the God and God­dess, and it changes depend­ing on the time of year. We may call on de­parted loved ones for the au­tumn fes­ti­val of the dead, Samhain, or thank the God­dess and God for the sun and grow­ing crops on the sum­mer sol­stice. The chil­dren are al­lowed at these sab­bats be­cause Steph and I con­sider them to con­tain

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