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Dear Jackie

My pony Sam is get­ting very el­derly at 27 years old, and I’m wor­ried about him. Can you ask him if he still feels he has a good qual­ity of life? Laura Jones, Cheshire.

Dear Laura

Sam Sam is lov­ing, funny, an­dis lov­ing, funny, and cheeky. He says he has taught you so much, and is proud of that. He shows me he could ‘pop a fence’ no prob­lem in the past – in­deed, in­deed, he was fine un­tilhe was fine un­til last last-year-but-gen­tly-lets-me year - but gen­tly lets me know know that he is strug­glingthat he is strug­gling with his body now.

He He knows you’ re wor­ried­knows you’ re wor­ried about about him and don’ t want hi­mand don’t want him asked him if he feelssuf­fer. I asked him if he feels he he has a good qual­ity of life. hehas a good qual­ity of life. He says says his be­hav­iour has changed; hehis be­hav­iour has changed; he has has lost his spark andi spac­ing his­lost his spark andi spac­ing his sta­ble. sta­ble. he tells me about his in­ter­nalHe tells me about his in­ter­nal dis­com­forts dis­com­forts and is con­cerned that he­and is con­cerned that he could could suf­fer a very painful pass­ing­suf­fer a very painful pass­ing be­cause of them.

His words are so clear and hon­est­words are so clear and hon­est (as( as an­i­mals are ):‘ or­gan­ised is bet­teran­i­mals are ):‘ Or­gan­ised is bet­ter so so she can think of me as i am now, she can think of me as I am now, rather than an emer­gency sit­u­a­tion.’

He shows me a grey horse - although I get a name like Ebony, which which would be black?would be black?

He He thanks you for thanks you for ev­ery­thing and says be brave now, like you two have have al­ways been al­ways been to­gether.

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