In the shad­ows: The truth about Shadow Peo­ple

Could Hat Man and the ring­mas­ter ghost be one and the same?

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When au­thor Heidi Hol­lis went on Coast to Coast AM late night ra­dio to talk about her per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence of shadow peo­ple in 2001, the ra­dio’s phones were jammed with lis­ten­ers ring­ing in to share their own en­coun­ters. It seemed this was a phe­nom­e­non that loads of peo­ple had ex­pe­ri­enced but no­body was talk­ing about! Hol­lis’ book The Se­cret war: Atrue Story About A Real alien war and Shadow Peo­ple brought the whole con­cept of shadow peo­ple into the main­stream and be­came a best­seller.

Ac­cord­ing to Hol­lis, shadow peo­ple are not friends to hu­mans. Some lis­ten­ers to the ra­dio show talk­ing about be­ing at­tacked and stran­gled by these en­ti­ties. Hol­lis be­lieves the en­ti­ties to be neg­a­tive, alien be­ings that can be re­voked by call­ing on the help of Je­sus.

Un­nat­u­rally tall

Usu­ally, shadow peo­ple present them­selves as the shape of a hu­man be­ing, but without full hu­man form or fa­cial de­lin­eation – and they’re usu­ally ex­tremely tall. Psy­chic medium Natalie Kuna de­scribes them as ‘…About seven feet in height, though they can con­fig­ure and trans­form into dif­fer­ent sizes and shapes. Of­ten their limbs (arms and legs) seem quite long, and very oc­ca­sion­ally fin­gers seen.’

How­ever, some­times they do have glow­ing eyes – or even wear a hat. Per­haps the best known of the shadow fig­ures, Hat Man (a name coined by Hol­lis) ap­pears as a com­pletely dark fig­ure, but he also wears a hat – ei­ther a fe­dora or top hat. He is the most ter­ri­fy­ing of all the shadow peo­ple, ex­ud­ing a fear­some air of men­ace. He rarely at­tacks peo­ple, in­stead pre­fer­ring to watch them – from the shad­ows, of course. Some peo­ple be­lieve him to be an emo­tional vam­pire, drain­ing them of hap­pi­ness and en­ergy. Ter­ri­fy­ing although Ed Booker’s ring­mas­ter ghost un­doubt­edly is, his de­scrip­tion is re­mark­ably sim­i­lar to that of Hat Man. Could Hat Man and Ed Booker’s ring­mas­ter ghost be one and the same char­ac­ter?

The truth?

Scep­tics say that shadow peo­ple are a fig­ment of the imag­i­na­tion, or a trick of the light. They claim that the feel­ing of be­ing stran­gled by the fig­ures that some peo­ple have re­ported could be ex­plained away by sleep paral­y­sis – when your mind wakes up be­fore your body does, giv­ing you the feel­ing of be­ing choked, or of some­thing press­ing on your chest. Scep­tics also ar­gue that no­body had even heard of shadow peo­ple be­fore Hol­lis wrote her book!

This claim is not strictly true. It seems that shadow peo­ple have ex­isted for cen­turies. The Qu­ran men­tions pitch-black sapi­ent be­ings cre­ated from fire that are ‘not purely phys­i­cal or spir­i­tual in na­ture.’ In Me­dieval times, it was be­lieved that a witch – or any­one who sold their soul to the Devil – cast no shadow, giv­ing rise to the idea of a bunch of in­de­pen­dent, evil shadow be­ings stalk­ing the Earth. In the Mid­dle Ages in Europe, peo­ple be­lieved that shadow be­ings de­sired blood, as they couldn’t be re­born without it. Oth­ers thought that where their shadow went, they’d be forced to fol­low, so re­fused to let their shad­ows fall on graves or over cliffs.

So be care­ful where you cast your shadow – and keep a close watch that it doesn’t move without you!

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