Think ‘sex sym­bol for the ladies’ and some­one like Tom Hardy springs to mind, doesn’t it? Maybe Chris Hemsworth, es­pe­cially in his Thor out­fit…but mov­ing swiftly on, what you prob­a­bly don’t think of is robots. Well, one ro­bot, to be pre­cise. The one from

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Twit­ter user com­mented: ‘There's lit­er­ally NO REA­SON the lost in space ro­bot should have a butt that nice. This was in­ten­tional.’

And she wasn’t the only one. The ro­bot has been de­scribed as ‘hot’ and ‘sexy.’ But Net­flix clearly thinks its view­ers have lost the plot. One Tweet from its of­fi­cial US ac­count stated: ‘Y’all need Je­sus.’

Amen to that!

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