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For a wax read­ing, you’ll need wa­ter, a can­dle and a bowl or pan. Don’t use your best china be­cause you’ll be adding wax to the wa­ter. If you’re us­ing a white can­dle, use a black or dark-coloured bowl to make the wax more vis­i­ble. 1. Fill your pan or bowl with tap wa­ter. Set your in­ten­tion for your can­dle-wax read­ing. 2. Light the can­dle and let it burn down for a minute or two to give enough wax to drip into the wa­ter. Mean­while, think of your ques­tion. 3. Swirl the wa­ter around with a spoon, then re­move the spoon and drip some can­dle wax into the swirling wa­ter. Look closely. What shapes are emerg­ing from the so­lid­i­fy­ing wax?

4. If you make out a sym­bol or num­ber, con­sider what this rep­re­sents for you. If you asked a yes or no ques­tion and you’re pleased with the images you see, then the an­swer to your ques­tion is ‘yes.’

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