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Dear Katie

My pet budgie, Feath­ers, has al­ways been a very calm and af­fec­tion­ate bird, but re­cently he’s be­come more ag­gres­sive and taken to bit­ing peo­ple. Is there any rea­son for this be­hav­iour? Sam, 41, Leeds

Dear Sam

Feath­ers has two colours in his aura: yel­low and green. He’s jeal­ous and re­sent­ful right now. In his view, he has de­vel­oped an in­cred­i­bly strong bond with you and he has come to view you as his mate. Some­one new has re­cently come into your life, which has left him feel­ing very threat­ened. It’s im­por­tant to break the monogamy of your re­la­tion­ship by in­tro­duc­ing a fe­male budgie into his life, and to so­cialise him with the other peo­ple who mean a lot to you.

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