Think witch, think war­rior! You might not be handy with a sword, but your mind is a keen weapon. Har­ness your in­nate witch­i­ness and you’ll be able to over­come any ob­sta­cle!

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Get the right ap­proach by re­peat­ing a mag­i­cal mantra like, ‘I can do this!’ Say it with at­ti­tude un­til you be­lieve it. Write down your fear, then light a white can­dle. Pass the pa­per through the flame and watch as it burns away. Scat­ter the ashes out­side and say ‘I re­lease all fear.’ Visu­alise a shim­mer­ing cloak of pro­tec­tion draped over your shoul­ders. Any neg­a­tive en­ergy that hits the cloak in­stantly re­bounds, keep­ing you safe, strong and ready to take on the world.

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