The vam­pire myth

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Ever won­dered where the idea that gar­lic can re­pel or even kill vam­pires comes from? Dracula au­thor Bram Stoker wrote about gar­lic’s vam­pire-re­pelling prop­er­ties in his fa­mous novel, bring­ing it to main­stream at­ten­tion. How­ever, in Ro­ma­nia, where vam­pires have been part of folk­lore for cen­turies, the liv­ing dead are called strigoi, and they have the power to plague and harm the liv­ing. It was thought that red-haired peo­ple, chil­dren born out of wed­lock, and any­one who’d died an un­nat­u­ral death might re­turn as a strigoi, so those corpses were buried with a clove of gar­lic in their mouths to stop them ris­ing from the grave.

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