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Your love life

No­body could ac­cuse you of not do­ing the ground­work when it comes to re­la­tion­ships. You’ve taken a sweetly se­ri­ous at­ti­tude to­wards love and ro­mance – with vary­ing re­sults. Now, though, you start to see re­sults. From the 11th, there’s an ur­gency that makes you – and oth­ers – re­alise it’s time to act. Things soon start to speed up, and you’re pleased to note how much a cer­tain per­son seems to value you. But is it all an il­lu­sion? You’ll get your an­swer af­ter the 25th.

Life and laughs

Friends, neigh­bours, rel­a­tives all want a slice of you this month. You ac­tu­ally don’t mind. Any ac­tiv­ity that keeps you oc­cu­pied and your mind buzzing goes down well with you. Travel plans that have been go­ing awry may have to be on hold. But that’s OK. The chances are your heart is at home. You’re en­ter­ing a great pe­riod for im­prov­ing your place of dwelling.


Con­tinue your push of be­ing an ef­fec­tive and hard­work­ing em­ployee. Will your strat­egy pay off ? The signs look good. Fi­nances are trick­ier to pre­dict, but you could find your­self get­ting a rise mid-month. Hur­rah! Show bosses what you can re­ally do on 27th.

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