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The New For­est in Hamp­shire is one of Eng­land’s most beau­ti­ful lo­ca­tions, filled with ma­jes­tic oaks, wild ponies – and lost souls! In 1100 AD, King Wil­liam II was ac­ci­den­tally killed by his pal Sir Wal­ter Tirel’s ar­row while the pair were hunt­ing deer in the for­est. The king’s ghost can be seen wan­der­ing through the wood­lands, on the route where his body was car­ried to Winch­ester Cathe­dral for burial. Ock­nell Pond, where Tirel washed his hands, turns red with blood once a year, and a black hound of death is said to ap­pear.

Lyn­d­hurst Park Ho­tel, in the pretty town of Lyn­d­hurst that’s right in the heart of the New For­est, is haunted by an ec­cen­tric aris­to­crat, the Duc de Stacpoole. In the 1970s, work­men mak­ing changes to the prop­erty were ter­ri­fied by the sound of his spec­tre scream­ing an­grily at them. Once a year, this for­mi­da­ble ghost is said to hold a ball for the dead, and passersby have claimed to hear eerie mu­sic.

The hill in Lyn­d­hurst known as Bolton’s Bench was once the site of a vi­cious bat­tle be­tween lo­cal no­ble­man Sir Mau­rice de Berke­ley and a fear­some dragon! Sir Mau­rice won but he was so trau­ma­tised by the bat­tle that he lay down and died where the dragon had per­ished. He now haunts the hill.

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