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The nuts from the horse ch­est­nut tree, com­monly known as conkers, can be used in a wide va­ri­ety of rit­u­als. These bur­nished beau­ties are packed with mag­i­cal po­ten­tial and are a very wor­thy ad­di­tion to your tool­kit.

What to do with them:

Conkers, like mag­i­cal lamps, work bet­ter when they’re given a bit of love. Pol­ish your conker, and as you rub it, make a wish for more luck. Place it on a win­dow ledge in the sun for a few days.

Take a five-pound note and wrap it around a conker then place in a charm bag or hand­ker­chief. Pop this in your hand­bag or pocket to at­tract a cash wind­fall.

Conkers keep harm­ful forces at bay. Pro­tect your home by pop­ping one in ev­ery room, some­where near a door or win­dow.

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