Dear Ella

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I’m us­ing the Sa­cred Sites Or­a­cle by Bar­bara Meik­le­john-free for in­spi­ra­tion.

Shamanka (which is in Siberia, Rus­sia) tells us you’re some­one who finds it chal­leng­ing to be stuck in­side. You need to be work­ing closely with na­ture in or­der to feel ful­filled.

The white wolf of Frog Moun­tain (Bri­tish Colom­bia, Canada) chal­lenges you to be true to your­self. Keep your spir­its alive and trust your in­stincts. If you con­tinue in your cur­rent life­style, will you feel that ful­fil­ment you crave - or will you for­ever re­gret not tak­ing up this op­por­tu­nity?

Cal­lan­ish (in the Isle of Lewis, Scot­land) is an an­cient site that calls to the part of you that is de­ter­mined and fo­cused. You know that what­ever strug­gles you face, your en­ergy will bring you through with a smile, bring­ing or­der and sta­bil­ity.

Your guardian an­gel re­minds you that only you can live your life. Mov­ing away is your choice to make, not your par­ents. Be brave!

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