Yas­min Boland is an award-win­ning as­trologer and moonologer. She uses the di­vine wis­dom of the moon and her Moonol­ogy or­a­cle cards to guide us through the month!

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This month

This month’s New Moon takes place in the sexy sign of Scorpio on Novem­ber 7. This is a very aus­pi­cious New Moon for any­one: a. With love on their mind. b. Whose sex life needs im­prov­ing.

c. Who wants more cash. Be­cause the New Moon this month au­gurs well for love, sex and money, we’re go­ing to do a card for each topic. Re­mem­ber, if you’re read­ing this, then it’s meant for you! So de­cide now if you want to ask about love, sex or money. For­mu­late your ques­tion in your mind - or write it down so that once you have your an­swer, there’s no am­bi­gu­ity about what you asked! Then choose card 1, 2 or 3 de­pend­ing on your ques­tion…

1 : If you asked a love ques­tion

The theme of your card is, ‘Have faith in your dreams’ and comes with the mes­sage, ‘Don’t give up!’ The sit­u­a­tion or re­la­tion­ship you’re ask­ing about is still tak­ing shape. What­ever is hap­pen­ing now is just a step along the way of this love story. Sin­gle? As they say in the self-help clas­sics, ‘Ev­ery­thing will be okay in the end; if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.’ How­ever, the Cres­cent Moon card is a re­minder that you must keep work­ing to­wards what­ever it is you want.

2 : If you asked a sex ques­tion

Your mes­sage is very pos­i­tive – your card says that, ‘Luck is on your side!’ What­ever is com­ing your way, it looks set to put a smile on your face. The New Moon in Sagittarius can mark the re-start of fun af­ter a pe­riod of feel­ing low. Ap­plied to the ques­tion about sex, it could be that your sex drive (or your part­ner’s) has been low but that’s about to change. The en­ergy is ad­ven­tur­ous and is about ex­plor­ing.

3 : If you asked an abun­dance ques­tion

How hard are you will­ing to work for what you want? This card is re­mind­ing you that ef­fort is re­quired if you want abun­dance to flow to you. Work is­sues may be about to come to a head. If you’re won­der­ing if you should stay in your job or leave, this card can be a sign to make an exit. The end of a rough time is fore­cast. This card also asks you if you’re pre­pared to pull out all the stops to make your fi­nan­cial dreams come true.

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