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Dear Roi

I have a re­cur­ring dream that I’m driv­ing straight off the edge of a cliff that has a mas­sive drop down into the sea. I al­ways feel such fear when the car lifts off, and then I just give up be­cause I re­alise I’ve died. I wake up im­me­di­ately af­ter it hap­pens and feel so sad be­cause I’m dead. What is this about? Bar­bara Cather­ine, Eng­land

Dear Bar­bara

Our life jour­ney some­times takes twists and turns that no­body could pos­si­bly an­tic­i­pate, and it’s at such times that you may have re­cur­ring dreams like this one. It seems that un­con­trol­lable events are caus­ing you to feel help­less. It may also be the case that you over-drama­tise things as a re­sult. This is ac­tu­ally a very com­mon dream - and you, like most of the peo­ple who’ve dreamt it, are still here to tell the tale! Try not to worry quite so much – you might find that, with in­creased in­ner strength, these night­mares all but van­ish.

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