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Dear Roi

In my dream, my 14-year old son was in his bed­room with hun­dreds of the ex­act same t-shirt. He kept say­ing, ‘This isn’t right, why can’t I find my t-shirt?’ I tried to calm him down – only for the ex­act same thing to hap­pen with his jog­ging bot­toms! The dream ended with him an­grily slam­ming his bed­room door! Linda Eri­son, 39, Coven­try

Dear Linda

Your dream prob­a­bly re­flects your own view of your son’s be­hav­iour. it seems that heg ets frus­trated when things don’ t go his way. you want the best for him, nat­u­rally, but your dream tells me that you’ re strug­gling to help him to de­velop a sense of per­spec­tive. i hope that he learns bet­ter ways of cop­ing in the fu­ture-and you too!

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