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Dear Roi,

I dreamt last night that I was chop­ping down a huge tree in my back gar­den. I called in some­one to re­move the stump but they told me that it couldn’t be com­pletely re­moved so maybe I should put a statue of Christ in place of the tree. What do you make of that? Rose­mary Lewis, 45, Cardiff

Dear Rose­mary

Your sense of strength and sta­bil­ity, sta­bil­ity,or or your hopes or de­sires, have been cur­tailed or cut down in their prime - pos­si­bly by you! Un­less you’re very re­li­gious, your dream in­di­cates to me that you’re seek­ing or ex­pe­ri­enc­ing, a sense of seren­ity about this, though. You’ve ac­cepted that what you thought you wanted may never hap­pen now – and you’re OK with that.

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