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Dear Jenny

Icome across as laid­back and con­fi­dent, but strug­gle with ex­treme anx­i­ety. It holds me back from do­ing some things I want to do. I’ve had some trauma in this life (like nearly dy­ing in child­birth) but this has been a prob­lem for as long as I can re­mem­ber. Is it past life re­lated? Anna Bai­ley, 40, Sur­rey


You hear the words, ‘You stupid, stupid girl! Look what you’ve done!’ You re­alise that you can’t trust your­self, that you make bad de­ci­sions. It’s 1742. It is your mother scream­ing at you, as she does all the time.


This read­ing is a bit dif­fer­ent, as we are go­ing to re-write the past. This type of in­grained mis­trust in one­self is hard to help any other way. Anna, I ask you to step back and see this past life mem­ory from a clearer per­spec­tive, as if view­ing a film. Your mother, Pa­tri­cia, stands be­fore you. This is the mother you have tried so hard to please. Now, for the first time, you see her as she re­ally is. Her face is red. Her hair sticks up ran­domly, and her clothes are di­shev­elled and dirty. You live alone with her.


As she screams at you for some sup­pos­edly ter­ri­ble mis­take, you see it as it re­ally is - Pa­tri­cia is com­pletely in­sane.

You are four years old, a lit­tle girl called Ju­dith. Your doll has fallen apart in your hands. You see now that it was made of rough sticks, bound to break -yet your mother is ber­at­ing you as if you smashed a doll made of price­less porce­lain. Her mem­o­ries have made you be­lieve that you can't suc­ceed, and Pa­tri­cia's con­stant bat­ter­ing of Ju­dith's young mind has in­grained au­to­matic fail­ure in­side you.

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