I see an­gels down the veg aisle!

ngel ex­pert Jayne Wal­lace, from Psy­chic Sis­ters, re­veals a sim­ple tech­nique to con­nect with your guardian an­gel. Jayne says, ‘If you’re a vis­ual per­son you may find this ex­er­cise easy. How­ever, you may just hear your an­gel whis­per or sense their lov­ing pr

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Take a can­dle and place it close to a mir­ror you can sit in front of. Light the can­dle, turn off the lights.

Place a blue­dome blue dome over your­self and ask Ar­changel Michael for help. Say: ‘Ar­changel Michael, please keep me safe dur­ing this rit­ual. Pro­tect me from all harm.’

Close your eyes and vi­su­alise your guardian an­gel be­hind you. See their huge wings wrap­ping around you. When you feel some­thing like a change in tem­per­a­ture, a tin­gling sen­sa­tion or deep re­lax­ation, know that your an­gel is with you.

Half-open your eyes and gaze into the mir­ror. Trust what you are sens­ing. What do you ex­pe­ri­ence? Smell? Feel? Hear? Thank your guardian an­gel for mak­ing con­tact. Thank Ar­changel Michael and ask both an­gels to step away and dis­con­nect. Take a deep breath, wig­gle your fin­gers and toes. Open your eyes and come back to the here and now.

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