The af­ter­life made sure that I’m never lonely

Some­times you find true love in un­ex­pected places! Erica Long­don, 65, from Maid­stone, Kent

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Taking my head­phones off, I slumped down in my chair, ex­hausted. I had just fin­ished an­other long, gru­elling 12-hour day as a tele­vi­sion pro­ducer for a cable chan­nel.

I loved my job but the hours were pun­ish­ing. I left Kent at 6am, trav­elled to the Lon­don stu­dios and didn’t get home again un­til 9pm.

Day af­ter day, it was a case of eat, sleep, work, re­peat.

I’d di­vorced my hus­band two years ear­lier, and although I was in­cred­i­bly busy, some­times my life felt a bit…empty.

I’d ’d been prac­tic­ing reiki for the past 10 years to help me re­lax. I en­joyed it but I was still pretty scep­ti­cal about all things spir­i­tual.

Then, in Septem­ber 2006, out of sheer cu­rios­ity, I went on a one-day an­gel course where I learnt how to con­nect with the archangels. I was blown away. What I learnt was so pow­er­ful and helped me to heal the wounds from my di­vorce.

Fate­ful in­ter­ven­tion

In n Oc­to­ber 2007, I wanted to do the ad­vanced course with Doreen Virtue in Hawaii, but I didn’t have the spare cash. Then, un­ex­pect­edly, my ex mother-in­law left me the ex­act amount in her will. Fate was telling me to go! While hile I was on the course, I met a lovely 18-year old girl called Alexan­dra. Like me, she was very keen to prac­tice her psy­chic skills.

‘Can I give you a psy­chic read­ing?’ she asked shyly.

‘Of course,’ I said kindly. I wanted to en­cour­age her - af­ter all, we were still learn­ing.

‘I have your fa­ther here, he says you’re lonely,’ Alexan­dra told me. ‘Now he’s show­ing me an im­age of you with a lit­tle black-and- white dog on a peb­bly beach. He says the dog will bring love back into your life again.’

My dad Fred had died 15 years ear­lier from a heart at­tack at 77. It was lovely to think his spirit had come through, but I didn’t be­lieve the mes­sage.

‘Thanks, Alexan­dra, that’s a great mes­sage,’ I said po­litely, while think­ing, ‘No way! I work long hours in Lon­don, a dog is out of the ques­tion.and I’m def­i­nitely not look­ing for love!’

Gor­geous puppy

But, four months later, I was brows­ing the in­ter­net when I came across the photo of an adorable black-and-white dog. The puppy was a cross be­tween a papil­lon and spaniel. Im­me­di­ately, I felt drawn to him – and I found my­self ring­ing the puppy’s owner to en­quire about buy­ing him.

‘I’m sorry, he’s been sold,’ I was wa told by the owner.

Oh well. I hadn’t wanted a dog any­way…. had I?

All week­end, I couldn’t get the puppy out of my head. On the Mon­day, I de­cided to ring the owner, just to dou­blecheck that he’d def­i­nitely been sold.

‘You’re in luck,’ the man told me. ‘The peo­ple who wanted him didn’t show up. He’s still avail­able.’

He gave me an ad­dress in South Lon­don – but when I got there, I was hor­ri­fied to find the puppy shiv­er­ing with fear, with no sign of his mum. There was no way I was leav­ing him there, so I paid the £250 cash, took the dog and named him Alfie.

Hours later, af­ter con­tact­ing the RSPCA, I dis­cov­ered Alfie had

Dad spoke to me through a psy­chic

prob­a­bly come from a puppy farm. When I rang the mo­bile to con­front the owner, it was dead.

De­spite his ter­ri­ble start, Alfie was such a good boy and so gen­tle with ev­ery­one. When­ever I took him out for walks or to the park, peo­ple stopped me to stroke him and chat.

An­gelic as­sis­tance

I worked long hours, so I needed a dog sit­ter. I found the per­fect com­pany called, of all things, Guardian An­gels! Now, af­ter a long day, I had a friend wait­ing for me at home. I re­alised that Alexan­dra’s read­ing had been right and I had been lonely – be­cause I wasn’t any­more!

Within weeks of get­ting Alfie, I felt my heart chakra open­ing with joy every time I looked at him. We’d snug­gle on the sofa - Alfie loved noth­ing more than a cud­dle while watch­ing TV.

When I was made re­dun­dant in the au­tumn of 2008, I had Alfie to con­sole me. I was only given a week’s no­tice and I was shocked and scared about money. A few days af­ter get­ting the ter­ri­ble news I was med­i­tat­ing when a voice told me, ‘Ask for help.’

I wrote to the hu­man re­sources depart­ment at my for­mer place of work and said I had worked for the TV com­pany for 11 years. Within 48 hours, they of­fered me a good re­dun­dancy pack­age.

The un­ex­pected wind­fall bought me time to write my spir­i­tual novel and es­tab­lish my an­gel ther­apy busi­ness. I was able to stop wor­ry­ing about cash.

So blessed

The won­der­ful turn­around of events made me feel like I was be­ing blessed by the an­gels!

And I like to think that some­how these an­gelic be­ings played a part in me get­ting that re­dun­dancy pack­age, which was some­thing I hadn’t been ex­pect­ing at all.

These days, I write, and do an­gel read­ings, both over the phone and face-to-face. I’ve gone from not re­ally be­liev­ing in all this psy­chic stuff to do­ing read­ings my­self!

Two years af­ter Alfie came into my life, I was walk­ing in Whit­stable, Kent, when I re­alised, to my sur­prise, that ev­ery­thing Alexan­dra had said dur­ing that psy­chic read­ing had come true.

I was on a peb­bly beach with a lit­tle black-and-white dog that I ab­so­lutely adored.

And what she’d said about Dad was right, too. He was com­pletely cor­rect about a man bring­ing love into my life - he’s just small and furry and not the hu­man kind!

A voice told me: ‘Ask for help.’

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