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It may be a bit of a cliché that par­ents mess up their kids – but in some ways, it’s true. Psy­chother­a­pists fre­quently talk about ‘in­junc­tions,’ which are sub­lim­i­nal mes­sages passed on from par­ent to child. Some com­mon in­junc­tions are Don’t Grow Up, Don’t Ex­ist, Don’t Think, Don’t Be A Child, Don’t Suc­ceed.

Most par­ents have no idea that they’re giv­ing these mes­sages out; it sim­ply comes down to how a child’s mind pro­cesses cer­tain in­for­ma­tion. For ex­am­ple, ‘Don’t wear that, young lady, it’s far too provoca­tive’ is an ex­am­ple of Don’t Grow Up, or ‘Shall I help you with that?’ is an ex­am­ple of Don’t Think. Of course, the in­junc­tions can be harsher some­times, such as ‘You’re not very aca­demic,’ or

‘You’ll never find a hus­band,’ which are ex­am­ples of Don’t Suc­ceed.

These in­junc­tions are buried at a deep sub­lim­i­nal level and yet they in­form all your de­ci­sions. As an adult, if you strug­gle to hold down a job or keep a good re­la­tion­ship on track, it scould be that you have a Don’t Suc­ceed parental in­junc­tion. Oth­ers may be af­fect­ing you, too.


Think back over your child­hood and note down any words or phrases that your par­ents used fre­quently when talk­ing to you, to see if you can dis­cover the in­junc­tions you are hold­ing. Make the de­ci­sion to do the op­po­site and prove the in­junc­tion to be false, rather than a self­ful­fill­ing prophecy!

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