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Dear Katie

M y five-month old cat Cyra can be quite shy. Is she happy liv­ing with me? Fern-louissa, 32, Wrexham

Dear Fern-louissa

The yel­low and soft blue in Cyra’s aura show that she’s easy-go­ing and val­ues her peace and quiet. She’s also very in­tu­itive and senses when there’s any ten­sion or stress in the house­hold. Stress isn’t good for a cat’s health, but you can help her to feel more se­cure by us­ing a pheromone plug-in which im­i­tates her own scent. Cats aren’t nat­u­rally so­cia­ble, so it takes pa­tience! She is happy, she’s just show­ing nor­mal be­hav­iour for who she is.

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