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Baubles are ev­ery­where at this time of year, but they look es­pe­cially gor­geous shim­mer­ing from the boughs of a Christ­mas tree. Whether yours is fake or the real deal, you can use the power of these glit­ter­ing orbs to give your bank bal­ance a hefty boost. What to do: Choose gold and sil­ver baubles, as these rep­re­sent the gold and sil­ver coins you’re hop­ing to at­tract! Dis­trib­ute them evenly around the tree. When you’re done, walk slowly around the tree in a clock­wise di­rec­tion three times. As you do this, re­peat the phrase: ‘All that glit­ters, coins and trea­sure, times by three to bring me plea­sure.’

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