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I was pos­sessed by John Lennon

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W hen I was a teenager, the Bea­tles were my favourite band - al­though they broke up when I was a baby. One night, I dreamt that I was out­side the Dakota build­ing where John Lennon lived in New York, chat­ting away to him. I asked him a ques­tion but he just laughed gen­tly, as if to say, ‘I’m dead, you id­iot!’ Then he gave me a vial of magic per­fume to sniff and we went off fly­ing to­gether!


Yes, it was a crazy dream – but af­ter that I felt strangely con­nected to John Lennon.

When I was 19, I moved from Nashville to New York to study act­ing. My stu­dent hous­ing was in the Bea­con Ho­tel above the old China Club, which was the hip and hap­pen­ing night club of the 80s. I of­ten saw John Lennon’s son Ju­lian there - al­though he was in the roped off celebrity area while I was squashed with my mates on the dance floor! Still, I de­vel­oped a bit of a crush on him.

But one night, I ended up sit­ting on the same ta­ble as him. Ju­lian had a date, so we didn’t speak to one an­other.

I headed to the bar to get a Sex On The Beach cock­tail (it was the 80s af­ter all!), and spot­ted a huge, beau­ti­ful pure white feather ly­ing on the ground. I picked it up as I walked back to the ta­ble.

Ju­lian was say­ing his good­byes – and I had this sud­den over­whelm­ing urge to tickle him with the feather. So I did!


He gave me an in­cred­i­bly shocked look, and I was so em­bar­rassed, I tried to cover up my faux pas by tick­ing ev­ery­one else!

Not long after­wards, I told my new boyfriend about the feather in­ci­dent.

‘You don’t know about the feather?’ he gasped.

He pulled out an old in­ter­view Ju­lian had done with

Rolling Stone mag­a­zine. Ju­lian said that his fa­ther had told him that, when he died, if he could com­mu­ni­cate from the other side, he’d drift a white feather across the room.

Ju­lian looked out for that white feather but never saw it.

And then I tick­led him with one! No won­der he looked at me the way he did.

Se­ri­ously, what are the odds of me find­ing a gi­gan­tic beau­ti­ful plume on the floor of a dirty New York night­club the one night I get the chance to sit at Ju­lian Lennon’s ta­ble - and ac­tu­ally have the nerve to put that feather lit­er­ally un­der his nose?

I guess it could have been co­in­ci­dence, but I like to think that I was some­how a ves­sel for John’s com­mu­ni­ca­tion to his el­dest son!

John gave me a vial of magic per­fume

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