Liv­ing ghost... i haunted my own son

I saw my own death Ju­dith Hin­dle, 45, from Manch­ester

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As I stood by the fruit and veg­eta­bles in Tesco’s, I felt my stomach cramp in un­be­liev­able pain. Next thing, I was mor­ti­fied to see blood run­ning down my leg and pool­ing on the floor.

Em­bar­rassed and dazed, I left my trol­ley in the aisle and stag­gered out of the su­per­mar­ket. In the car, I rang my doc­tor’s surgery and I was told to come in im­me­di­ately.

With tears run­ning down my face, I drove straight to the prac­tice. I knew some­thing was ter­ri­bly wrong. But my GP wouldn’t take my con­cerns se­ri­ously even though I was bleed­ing badly.

‘It’s noth­ing to worry about,’ she said brightly. ‘If you get a coil fit­ted, that should stop the bleed­ing.’ ‘I’ll think about it,’ I

mut­tered. Some­how, I knew my GP was wrong, and that the prob­lem was a lot more se­ri­ous than she re­alised.

Spirit com­mu­ni­ca­tion

I’ve al­ways trusted my hunches be­cause I’ve had psy­chic ex­pe­ri­ences since I was three years old. I used to talk to ‘imag­i­nary friends’ in my cot. Now I know they were spir­its.

Growing up, para­nor­mal ex­pe­ri­ences fol­lowed me around the house. Light bulbs blew, the tele­vi­sion turned it­self on and off and doors shut on their own.

In my thir­ties, I be­gan work­ing as a tarot reader. I also trained in past life re­gres­sion and NLP (neu­rolin­guis­tic pro­gram­ming – a way of re­train­ing your brain to think dif­fer­ently) and started to com­mu­ni­cate with my spirit

guide Lazarus, an elder from At­lantis. For me, the spirit world is real. Days af­ter see­ing my GP, in April 2015, I was leaf­ing through a mag­a­zine when I came across an ar­ti­cle on Fu­ture Life Pro­gres­sion (FLP). Just like past life re­gres­sion, but in re­verse, it’s ac­tu­ally pos­si­ble to look into your own fu­ture, to see what’s in store for you later in life. This grabbed my at­ten­tion! I thought, ‘I could of­fer FLP to my m clients.’ To check it out, I booked a ses­sion with a rep­utable ther­a­pist called Re­becca. At my ap­point­ment, Re­becca took some time to ex­plain the process to me. ‘Fu­ture Life Pro­gres­sion is where you use hyp­no­sis to help guide some­one into their fu­ture life, usu­ally five or 10 years ahead, so they can see what they’re do­ing and if they’re happy,’ she said.

‘If they’re not happy, the per­son can then make new choices now to change their fu­ture. The fu­ture isn’t set, it changes ac­cord­ing to your ac­tions. This is the beauty of FLP be­cause it helps you to re­di­rect

your life,’ she added.

So ex­cited

I was re­ally ex­cited about my ses­sion and won­dered what I would dis­cover about my fu­ture self. Re­becca ex­plained the ther­apy was safe and then put me into a deep med­i­ta­tive state.

Sit­ting on a chair in the treat­ment room, I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, feel­ing my­self drift into a trance-like state. I was guided down some stairs and into a long cor­ri­dor with doors run­ning

I thought I’d of­fer FLP to my clients

down ei­ther side. Re­becca told me that I would feel a pull to­wards one of the doors.

‘When you open the door, you will step into a white room,’ she said in a sooth­ing voice. ‘Scenes from your fu­ture life will be spin­ning around the room very fast. They will slow down and one image will grab your at­ten­tion.’

Glimps­ing the fu­ture

Re­becca added, ‘You will see what you look like, what you are wear­ing and what you are do­ing in your life in the fu­ture. Now, choose a door.’ I was pulled to a door­way. Inside the room, I saw the scenes from my life spin­ning round and round. round ‘One image will now stand out. This is five years into your fu­ture,’ said Re­becca. One image appeared op­po­site me on the white wall. It was like watch­ing a home movie and it was very clear. I could see my el­dest son Ryan, who’s 22, with a baby in his arms, and I knew this child was my grand­son. The baby was six months old, chubby and gor­geous. My son was throw­ing the baby in the air and catch­ing him and the baby was laugh­ing with joy. It was lovely to watch. The ther­a­pist asked, ‘Where is your son?’ ‘In Manch­ester,’ I replied. ‘Where are you? What are you do­ing right now?’ asked Re­becca. It was strange, ev­ery­thing felt dis­tant. I re­alised that I couldn’t place my­self at all. I could see my son but I didn’t know where I was or the date. Noth­ing seemed fa­mil­iar. ‘I don’t know where I am,’ I said,

still in the state of deep re­lax­ation.

‘Do you know what coun­try you’re in?’ asked Re­becca.

‘I’ve been in Canada,’ I said con­fused, ‘But then I came back. I don’t know where I am now.’

Next, I saw my­self as trans­par­ent and float­ing on the ceil­ing. I was look­ing down on what was go­ing on in my son’s home.

That’s when it hit me.

Ter­ri­fy­ing truth

‘Oh my God, I’m dead,’ I said sud­denly. ‘I’m see­ing my son and grand­child from spirit.’

This re­al­i­sa­tion was a mas­sive shock. I felt my­self grow cold with hor­ror. I didn’t want to die and miss out on watch­ing my first grand­son growing up.

‘Take a deep breath,’ said the ther­a­pist. ‘I’m go­ing to help you find out about your death.’

I think the ther­a­pist had al­ready sus­pected that I was dead from the ques­tions she’d asked me. She was calm and in con­trol, which was great be­cause I was freak­ing out!

‘I want you to go and stand in front of a mir­ror,’ she told me. ‘Visu­alise the mir­ror as clearly as you can. Look at your­self in it, and tell me how you died.’

I did as she said, and looked at my re­flec­tion in the mir­ror. I could see right inside my­self. My re­pro­duc­tive or­gans were black.

‘I died from can­cer,’ I told Re­becca bluntly.

Don’t ask me how, but I just knew that this was the cause of my death.

Spirit guide

‘Is this death avoid­able?’ Re­becca asked. ‘Call in your spirit

guide for help.’ My guide Lazarus, from At­lantis, stepped for­ward. He looks a bit like Dum­ble­dore from the Harry Pot­ter films, but not as old, and he was wear­ing his usual long white robe.

‘Ask your guide for ex­act de­tails,’ in­structed Re­becca.

Men­tally, my heart rac­ing, I asked Lazarus what was wrong with my fu­ture self, why my or­gans had turned black.

Lazarus looked at the mir­ror then back at me. ‘This is ovar­ian can­cer,’ he said. ‘Will it kill me?’ I whis­pered. Lazarus nod­ded. ‘Yes. You are des­tined to die from it.’

I was float­ing on the ceil­ing in spirit

Ireeled in hor­ror as Lazarus told me I’d die from can­cer.

‘Ask him if it can be pre­vented,’ Re­becca guided me gen­tly.

I did as in­structed, feel­ing weak and sick with nerves.

‘You will pass on from this dis­ease un­less you take ac­tion,’ Lazarus said. ‘You need a hys­terec­tomy within two years to stop the can­cer. If you have the hys­terec­tomy, you will live. If you don’t, you will die.’

I told Lazarus that I’d al­ready vis­ited my GP and she hadn’t taken my con­cerns se­ri­ously. I was wor­ried.

‘Ask your friend Jen­nifer for help. She knows a pri­vate gy­nae­col­o­gist,’ said my guide be­fore fad­ing away.

Swift ac­tion

Re­becca brought me back up the stairs and out of my trance. She told me, ‘It’s very rare for some­one to see them­selves as dead but you can stop this can­cer. You’ve had a warn­ing - act on it.’

I drove home, shak­ing. As soon as I was through the front door I rang Jen­nifer and told her what had hap­pened.

Jen­nifer was shocked but sup­port­ive. She gave me the num­ber of the pri­vate spe­cial­ist.

‘It will cost £200 for the ap­point­ment be­cause it’s not on the NHS,’ she warned me. ‘I don’t care,’ I said. ‘I need to see this spe­cial­ist.’

Key hole surgery

Less than a week later, I was sat in an of­fice with the gy­nae­col­o­gist. He ex­am­ined me and, af­ter a scan of my womb, said he wanted to re­fer me for key­hole surgery on the NHS so I didn’t have to pay. In July 2016, I had a com­plete hys­terec­tomy at Salford Royal In­fir­mary. The sur­geon came to see me the next morn­ing and said that the prob­lem with my womb was se­ri­ous and had re­ally needed to be sorted out. He asked me how long I had been suf­fer­ing with en­dometrio­sis. My ovaries, womb, ev­ery­where was cov­ered with scar­ring. ‘And you know what hap­pens to scar­ring,’ said the sur­geon. ‘there’s chance it could de­velop into can­cer to can­cer.’ I told him I’d never been di­ag­nosed with en­dometrio­sis. Al­though I didn’t tell him that spirit had told me to see a spe­cial­ist!

Hered­i­tary ill­ness

Ap­par­ently, women who suf­fer with en­dometrio­sis are 30 per cent more likely to con­tract ovar­ian can­cer. I al­ready knew that my mother had an emer­gency hys­terec­tomy at 38, and that my grand­mother had died of ovar­ian can­cer at just 42.

It seems prob­a­ble that they both had en­dometrio­sis, too.

This can­cer was hered­i­tary and my womb was a tick­ing time-bomb.

I have no doubt that my FLP ses­sion and my spirit guide saved my life. I’m so glad that I was guided to take ac­tion. I’m now trained in FLP - al­though I’ve never had a client ex­pe­ri­ence a ses­sion as dra­matic as my own! But if it hap­pens, and one of my clients vi­su­alises their own death, I’ll know what to do – ask their spirit guide for help!

I’ve no doubt that FLP saved my life

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