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The moon is sup­ported in the sky by a cast of mil­lions of twin­kling stars. Th­ese jew­els of the night en­hance the moon’s power. Draw on their com­bined en­ergy for a quick money fix.


Gather up any loose sil­ver coins and pop them in a dish. Take them out­side and stand be­neath the moon. Hold the dish up, and say, ‘Sparkling jew­els of the night, lucky stars now shine your light. Mul­ti­ply my trea­sure fast, help me make my money last.’ Leave the dish out­side over night to ab­sorb the pow­er­ful en­ergy of the moon. In the morn­ing, re­trieve the coins and pop them in a jar. LU­NAR TIP: Shake the jar ev­ery day, and pic­ture it full. Also pic­ture your bank balance in­creas­ing. Do this for a cou­ple of weeks for a cash wind­fall.

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