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Whether we’re try­ing not to eat too much, or day­dream­ing about what we’re go­ing to have for lunch, food is of­ten on our minds! And not just when we’re awake, ei­ther. The dream world of food is a never-end­ing source of in­spi­ra­tion and mys­tery… EAT­ING TOO MUCH means you need more spir­i­tual or emo­tional nur­tur­ing. You may be feel­ing un­ful­filled in some area of your life. EAT­ING VERY LIT­TLE rep­re­sents ex­ces­sive be­hav­iour or ex­pe­ri­ences. You are try­ing to com­pen­sate for this over-in­dul­gent be­hav­iour in your sleep! FAST­ING can sym­bol­ise a sense of in­de­pen­dence – are you look­ing to strike out on your own? SCOFF­ING STRANGE THINGS whether plainly non-ed­i­ble or just ‘weird,’ means you’ve been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing some odd forces at play around you and you’re deal­ing with some out-of-the­o­r­di­nary stuff right now. MUNCH­ING YOUR FAVOURITE FOODS shows you’re en­joy­ing sen­sual plea­sures and get­ting the most out of life right now. EAT­ING FOOD YOU HATE sug­gests you’re strug­gling to cope with tough times. Chin up! EAT­ING YOUR­SELF sym­bol­ises self-de­struc­tive be­hav­iour pat­terns. Take some time for in­ner re­flec­tion and get the help you need. EAT­ING SOME­ONE ELSE rep­re­sents peo­ple or sit­u­a­tions around you that are drain­ing your en­ergy and wast­ing your time.

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