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To those who didn’t know him, Ted Bundy seemed hand­some, charm­ing and well-spo­ken. In fact, he was a so­cio­pathic mon­ster, rap­ing, mur­der­ing and de­cap­i­tat­ing his vic­tims, all pretty young women. He some­times re­turned to the scenes of the mur­ders, sub­ject­ing the de­com­pos­ing corpses to warped sex acts, even keep­ing the heads of vic­tims in his apart­ment. Bundy was even­tu­ally caught, and ad­mit­ted killing 30 women in sev­eral US states, al­though it is be­lieved he mur­dered up to 100. Bundy was sen­tenced to death, and in Jan­uary 1989 he was ex­e­cuted by elec­tric chair in Florida State Prison. Since his death, nu­mer­ous prison of­fi­cers have re­ported spot­ting his white, misty spec­tre sit­ting on the elec­tric chair, leer­ing at them. When ap­proached, he’d dis­ap­pear. Many guards refuse to go into the ex­e­cu­tion cell alone.

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