Shereena Alden, A 30, from Dar­ling­ton

Chat It's Fate - - True-life -

L ying my baby son Henry-scott down in his cot, I smiled down at him.

‘Sleep tight,’ I soothed. Then I frowned. It was dark in the room, but I could see a shad­owy form with furry ears pok­ing up from the end of his cot.

That’s strange. I thought the dog was down­stairs?

A cold trickle ran down my spine as I re­alised the dog def­i­nitely was down­stairs. I could hear him in the kitchen down­stairs, his paws pat­ter­ing about on the lino. Sin­is­ter­be­ing

Those weren’t a dog’s ears that I was look­ing at. They were horns.

I didn’t want to look more closely at what they were at­tached to. Grab­bing Henry-scott, I fled from the room, my heart pound­ing. I left the

The spirit threat­ened to kill me

house un­til I’d calmed down.

It wasn’t the first su­per­nat­u­ral in­ci­dent I’d ex­pe­ri­enced since mov­ing into the old ter­raced house in Dar­ling­ton. My part­ner and I of­ten heard strange growls and screams through the baby mon­i­tor. My mood had been low since I moved in, and when friends and fam­ily vis­ited, they com­plained that there was a weird, un­happy vibe. Un­want­ed­p­res­ence

I called in a medium. ‘There’s a spirit called Jack in the house,’ the medium told me. ‘He used to be a ten­ant here – and he cer­tainly doesn’t like shar­ing his space with you.’

What she said next chilled me to the bone.

‘He says he’s go­ing to burn the house down - with you in it,’ she

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