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Tina Fisher, 41, from Frome, Som­er­set S nap­ping a photo of my two guinea-pigs in their cage, I was sur­prised when I looked at the photo after­wards to see a lit­tle orb in the cor­ner. I smiled. My old guinea-pig had passed away re­cently – per­haps he’d come back to check on the new­bies!

I live with my par­ents in a haunted house with lots of para­nor­mal ac­tiv­ity – but the spir­its seem to be pretty be­nign. Black­cat

As well as the guinea-pig ghost, we of­ten see a shad­owy black cat streak­ing about the place. We don’t have a cat – and the only cat we’ve ever owned was white, so the spirit def­i­nitely isn’t her.

One day, I was watch­ing TV in my room with the sound off when I heard a man whistling. He was in the room with me! I fol­lowed the sound from my door to the wardrobe, where it stopped. At that point, I legged it out of the room – I’m not scared of spir­its, but that was def­i­nitely a bit too close for com­fort!

We think the old lady who owned the house be­fore we did, pops back to visit, too. She moved into a flat over the road, and passed away about six months af­ter we moved in. Mum and I have both sensed

her pres­ence in the house. Du­vet­thief But it’s my dad who’s had the creepi­est en­counter. He was wo­ken up one night by some­one – or some­thing – tug­ging his du­vet off him. ‘What­ever it was, it was very strong,’ he told me. ‘I had a real job on my hands to get the du­vet back again.’ This has hap­pened to poor dad more than once, now. Like me, he doesn’t need con­vinc­ing that spir­its are real! But we’ve lived in the house for 18 happy years and I’m sure we’ll be there for many more. There are worst house guests than ghosts, af­ter all!

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