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Top an­i­mal com­mu­ni­ca­tor Jackie Weaver tunes into your beloved pets – liv­ing or in spirit.

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D Dear ar Jackie

M y rat Steve re­cently passed away. I re­ally hope that I brought plenty of hap­pi­ness into his life. Matt, Manch­ester

Dear Matt

Steve comes across rather cau­tious re­gard­ing peo­ple. I get the feel­ing he didn’t have the best start to life. I feel he was passed around and not re­ally cared for un­til he came to to you, but his con­fi­dence grewyou, but his con­fi­dence grew with with a lot of pa­tience anda lot of pa­tience and kind­ness kind­ness from you. then­from you. Then he he be­came a happy and­be­came a happy and slightly slightly mis­chievous boy.mis­chievous boy.

He en­joyed his free­dom in your house as I feel that pre­vi­ously he did not have a lot of ex­er­cise, that he was more of a caged pet.

He shows me an image of him be­ing spoon-fed? It seems he re­ally liked that!

He gives me the im­pres­sion im­pres­sion of havin­gof hav­ing breath­ing breath­ing is­sues and that thi­sis­sues and that this was a re­cur­ring prob­lem. Sadly, I feel that this did get the bet­ter of him in the end.

He is mak­ing me laugh as he seems to be try­ing to hold some­thing with his feet that keeps rolling away? I can’t tell what it is, but it looks very funny.

He is very grate­ful to you, Matt. He says, ‘I can now look at my life as fun, thanks to you.’

Matt says:

Steve was such a brave rat as he was passed about and kept in a cage for the first year of his life – he was just an un­wanted pet un­til he came to me. He didn’t like to be touched so, to get his con­fi­dence, I used to feed him from a tea­spoon to en­cour­age him to come closer with­out him feel­ing in­tim­i­dated by me. He was a clever and happy boy and even­tu­ally bravely ran all over the house and made him­self at home wher­ever he wanted. From the day I got him, I re­alised that his breath­ing was not as it should be. I even made a box as a neb­u­liser for him. Al­though it helped his breath­ing, he was not keen on it. As for what keeps rolling away from him - it is a boiled egg com­plete with its shell. It was his favourite treat and so funny to watch. It gave him so much fun try­ing to hold onto it so he could break into it and eat it - and it was even more amus­ing for me to watch him! I’m so pleased to hear his lovely words about the way he is now look­ing back on his life. with joy. He was worth the ef­fort. Bless you Steve.

Jackie Weaver

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