Tarot and the moon: It’s a mag­i­cal month

Yas­min Boland is an award-win­ning astrologer and moonologer. She uses the di­vine wis­dom of the moon and her Moonol­ogy or­a­cle cards to guide us through the month!

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This month

The ‘love month,’ Fe­bru­ary, is upon us, and how are you feel­ing about it? Are you plan­ning a ro­man­tic night? Or are you sin­gle and think­ing about send­ing a mes­sage to that spe­cial some­one to let them know you’re in­ter­ested? What about the as­tro­log­i­cal and moono­log­i­cal en­er­gies of the night – how sig­nif­i­cant are they?

Here are the three im­por­tant bits of cos­mic info you need to know about Valen­tine’s day (and night) 2019. 1. On 14 Fe­bru­ary 2018, the Moon will be in the sign of Gem­ini. This is ac­tu­ally awe­some news be­cause Gem­ini is the chatty sign of the zo­diac. Con­ver­sa­tion will be flow­ing freely whether you’re on a nerve-rack­ing Valen­tine’s date with some­one new or you’re part of a long-time mar­ried cou­ple - or any­thing in be­tween. 2. We will be in the wax­ing cy­cle of the moon – that’s the cy­cle from New to Full when ev­ery­thing is hap­pen­ing. It’s the time to go after what you want, make your de­sires known to the Uni­verse and to chase your most ro­man­tic dreams. Very good juju for Valen­tine’s. 3. Very in­ter­est­ingly, the next plan­e­tary combo after Valen­tine’s is be­tween Venus, the planet of love, and Nep­tune, the planet of soul­mates, po­etry and dreams. Yet an­other highly aus­pi­cious omen!

So let’s ask the cards: What is the main theme for me this Valen­tine’s day? Close or ‘blur’ your eyes and use your in­dex fin­ger to choose card 1, 2 or 3.


This card comes as a re­minder that whether you wake up on 14 Fe­bru­ary to cham­pagne and roses, or all alone, you are good enough! It also comes with the mes­sage that you have been un­der­rat­ing your­self. If your Valen­tine’s isn’t all you’ve hoped you may need to work on rat­ing your­self more highly so oth­ers will too.


This card speaks of dreams and ro­mance, soul­mates and po­etry. It sug­gests there’s an ex­cit­ing new start com­ing your way this Valen­tine’s. Really. Dis­claimer; there could also be con­fu­sion and dis­ap­point­ment if that’s what you’re ex­pect­ing - we cre­ate our own re­al­ity. If you’re onto a good thing love­wise, wish hard be­cause the words of your heart could bring about the man­i­fes­ta­tion of your dreams.


This Valen­tine’s, be hon­est about whether there are toxic emo­tions swirling in your head about your love life, your lover or your ex. If so, re­lease them! This card comes with the prom­ise that all is not lost, but you have a way to go be­fore you can cel­e­brate. Changes or ad­just­ments are needed to get you to where you want to be.

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