Tarot cards re­vealed I had a deadly se­cret

The cards re­vealed an alarm­ing health prob­lem

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T ak­ing a deep breath, I walked ner­vously into tarot reader and teacher Annabelle Mitz­man’s beau­ti­ful home in St. John’s Wood, Lon­don. It was my first tarot class and I was both anx­ious and ex­cited.

I’d signed up for the course on a friend’s rec­om­men­da­tion. She was al­ways rav­ing about Annabelle and I was cu­ri­ous to learn more about tarot cards. I was trained in neuro-lin­guis­tic pro­gram­ming (NLP) and I was at­tracted to the tarot be­cause of its links to the fa­mous psy­chother­a­pist Carl Jung. Jung used the sym­bols on the cards as a ther­apy tool to help peo­ple tap into their sub­con­scious minds.

But ut that wasn’t the only rea­son I was there. I was work­ing in the cor­po­rate world but my job was stress­ful, the hours were long, and I was ex­hausted. I re­ally needed a change and, deep down, I was hop­ing that the tarot cards could point me in the right di­rec­tion.


Sit­ting around Annabelle’s din­ing ta­ble with the four other peo­ple tak­ing the course, Annabelle be­gan by giv­ing us an in­tro­duc­tion to the cards. She al­ways uses the Rider Waite tarot deck, and I lis­tened, fas­ci­nated, as she ex­plained the mean­ing of each of those an­cient, iconic sym­bols – The Tower, The High Priest­ess, The Lovers and so on.

Per­sonal mes­sage

Af­ter that, Annabelle gave each of us a mini-read­ing. ‘The cards high­light the en­ergy around you and can in­di­cate ar­eas of your life that need at­ten­tion,’ she ex­plained to us. When it was my turn, Annabelle turned over the cards that I’d picked.

‘The Four of Swords,’ she said thought­fully, look­ing at the card that showed a knight sleep­ing with four swords above his head. ‘This card in­di­cates that you need to take time out, have a rest from bat­tle.’

Yes! That was ex­actly how I’d been feel­ing about my job.

That read­ing did ex­actly what I’d hoped it would do. It gave me the nudge I needed to take a sab­bat­i­cal from work.

I spent the time ful­fill­ing one of my dreams, which was to start my fash­ion blog for the over-50s called Chic at Any

Age. I’m re­tired now but I still write my blog and I love it.

In­spired by the ses­sion, I be­gan go­ing to Annabelle’s classes reg­u­larly. One night, she be­gan to teach us the ways that the tarot cards can in­di­cate health prob­lems.


‘Has any­one in here got any health is­sues they’re wor­ried about?’ she asked.

‘Well,’ I said ten­ta­tively. ‘I’ve got a spot on my nose that just won’t go away.’

Ev­ery­one laughed. Annabelle, how­ever, shook her head.

‘This is se­ri­ous,’ she said sternly. ‘If this is­sue is wor­ry­ing Josephine, let’s have a look at the cards.’

And I had been wor­ry­ing. The spot had turned into a scab that wouldn’t heal. I’d seen my GP six months ear­lier but he’d said it was an in­fected fol­li­cle and noth­ing to worry about.

But the spot hadn’t gone away, even with a daily ap­pli­ca­tion of an­ti­sep­tic cream. In fact, it had got worse. It was now the size of a blueberry, red and squidgy.

Annabelle gave me a deck of Rider Waite cards to shuf­fle and I

The mes­sage from the cards in­spired me to take a break from my job

cut the pack into two. As in­structed, I fanned the tarot cards out on the ta­ble and se­lected three cards.

Annabelle placed the cards side-by-side and turned over the first tarot. It was the Nine of Swords. ‘This tarot shows anx­i­ety and worry,’ ex­plained Annabelle. ‘Nine is also ruled by the moon.’


Annabelle turned over the sec­ond card. It was the Moon.

Annabelle tapped this ma­jor ar­cana card and said, ‘The Moon can in­di­cate things hid­den from view – pos­si­bly cancer.’

Cancer. I was alarmed but also in­trigued.

‘This is an even stronger mes­sage for you be­cause the first card has a link with the moon,’ she con­tin­ued.

There was one more card to turn over. What would the third card sug­gest about the en­ergy sur­round­ing me?

Quickly, Annabelle turned over the third and fi­nal card. It was the

Ace of Swords.

‘You will need surgery,’ said Annabelle mat­ter-of-factly hold­ing up the card for all the class to see.

I was shocked by Annabelle’s clear read­ing. It cer­tainly didn’t pull any punches! Annabelle pulled a few more cards, looked at them and said the surgery would be fine.

But she urged me to see a med­i­cal pro­fes­sional im­me­di­ately. She even gave me the name of a good cancer con­sul­tant who had treated an­other one of her clients with skin cancer suc­cess­fully. Within days, I was back at my GP’S surgery and in­sist­ing on a re­fer­ral. ‘I’m not leav­ing this room un­til you write me that re­fer­ral letter,’ I told my doc­tor firmly.

My GP wrote the re­fer­ral letter to the con­sul­tant Annabelle had sug­gested. Ten days later, I was sit­ting in a room with him at the Lis­ter Hos­pi­tal in Lon­don.

The con­sul­tant was fan­tas­tic. He calmly ex­plained that this kind of skin cancer can have roots. He dug out the can­cer­ous spot and sent it for an im­me­di­ate biopsy.

It took three at­tempts be­fore he was happy that he had cleared the roots, and the cancer, from my nose. I was at the hos­pi­tal all day and I went home that evening.


This all hap­pened three years ago now. I never men­tioned the tarot read­ing to my GP or the con­sul­tant. I didn’t want them to think I was com­pletely bonkers!

But if it wasn’t for the mes­sage from the cards, I might not have got the spot on my nose checked out again. Per­haps not even un­til it was too late...

There’s no doubt that Annabelle has a won­der­ful gift. It’s thanks to her and the tarot that I’m now cancer-free.

Annabelle told me that I’d need surgery - but it would be fine

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