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Res­i­dents of a small vil­lage called Sul­tan Ku­darat in the Philip­pines were left shocked and hor­ri­fied when a goat gave birth to a ‘devil.’

Farmer Josephine Repique per­formed a Cae­sar­ian sec­tion on her preg­nant goat when it got into dif­fi­cul­ties dur­ing labour, and re­moved two kids. The first was a nor­mal black-and-white goat, but the sec­ond looked like a cross be­tween a pig and a goat, with hu­manoid fea­tures and pale, hair­less skin. Both mother goat and her off­spring died, lead­ing vil­lagers to con­clude that the ‘devil’ was cursed.

Ms Repique said, ‘We’re all won­der­ing why it hap­pened and if it brings bad luck.’

How­ever, Dr Agapita Sal­ces of the In­sti­tute of An­i­mal Sci­ence of the Univer­sity of the Philip­pines, said it was most likely a ge­netic mu­ta­tion in the womb caused by mos­quito bites.

Bad luck: Goat-devil

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