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Amethyst Realm, who claims to have made love with 20 ghosts be­fore set­tling down with the poltergeist of her dreams, says her Aus­tralian spirit lover pro­posed to her on a trip to Wookey Hole in Som­er­set. Now the owner of the re­sort, Daniel Med­ley, has of­fered to host her wed­ding there. He told Som­er­set Live, ‘Amethyst Realm is not the first and won’t be the last per­son to ex­pe­ri­ence out-of-body sen­sa­tions at the caves. They have been recog­nised as a cross­over point to the spirit world since the Stone Age, a place where peo­ple can con­nect with long-lost friends and rel­a­tives no longer with us.’ He even sug­gested the in­fa­mous Witch of Wookey of­fi­ci­ate. For­get royal wed­dings, this is set to be the wed­ding of the year, and we hope our in­vi­ta­tion is in the post!

Spir­i­tual: Wookey Hole

Blush­ing bride: Ghost hubby

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