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Dear Katie

I ’m look­ing af­ter my niece’s dog, Poppy. She’s very lov­ing but she growls at men. Do you know why she’s like this and could you help her please? Na­dine, 45, Not­ting­ham

Dear Na­dine

The red and le­mon yel­low in Poppy’s aura sug­gests she’s hold­ing onto a lot of anger, anx­i­ety and fear, es­pe­cially to­wards men. At some point in her life, she’s had a neg­a­tive in­ter­ac­tion with a man that’s caused this. Don’t force Poppy out of her com­fort zone as it may make her be­hav­iour worse. En­cour­age the men in her life to throw treats her way. With time and pa­tience, she’ll come to as­so­ci­ate men with treats, which should help with the ag­gres­sive be­hav­iour.

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