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Dear Roi

I’ve had the same re­cur­ring dream since I was a child. I’m with my grandad, who passed away when I was five, and I’m run­ning from a man chas­ing me. I can’t see his face but I know he’s ter­ri­fy­ing. My grand­dad pops in and out of the dream, float­ing above me, shout­ing at me to run as fast as I can and not to let him catch me. As he gains on me, I hear my grand­fa­ther scream­ing at me to wake up. When I open my eyes, I’m sweat­ing, breath­less and ut­terly ter­ri­fied! Lor­raine, 33, Liver­pool

Dear Lor­raine

There’s some threat hang­ing over your life that you haven’t been able to deal with or avoid. This is what’s trou­bling you in your dreams, chas­ing you around. You’d like some com­fort­ing guid­ance to help you get through this, and for some rea­son, your sub­con­scious links to your mem­o­ries of your grandad. I hope you find the guid­ance you need. When you do, you’ll find that these dreams might stop hap­pen­ing.

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