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An an­cient and mer­ci­less horned de­mon from Nordic mythol­ogy, the Cloyne is said to hole up in Nor­way's moun­tain caves. He ap­pears in the snow, of­fer­ing shiv­er­ing chil­dren the prom­ise of food and warmth in his cave - only for the chil­dren to re­alise that the joke is on them. The Cloyne is recog­nis­able by its blis­tered red nose, which bleeds from its ex­po­sure to sub-zero cold, and its deathly pale com­plex­ion. It’s not a great leap of imag­i­na­tion to see how this Nordic de­mon could have in­spired the out­landish ap­pear­ance that we as­so­ciate with clowns. In 2014, the Cloyne re­ceived a con­tem­po­rary makeover cour­tesy of the hor­ror film Clown, di­rected by Jon Watts. In the film, a a man finds an old clown suit which he de­cided to put on to per­form at his son's sixth birth­day party – only to find him­self trapped within the ac­cursed skin of a child-de­vour­ing de­mon. Need­less to say, the film does not have a happy end­ing!

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