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Red is the colour of pas­sion and hot-blooded ro­mance. In­vest in some sexy scar­let lin­gerie or nightwear to give both you and your part­ner a sen­sory boost. Per­haps un­sur­pris­ingly, lots of red foods are nat­u­ral aphro­disi­acs. A glass of red wine will help put you in the mood, and straw­ber­ries have long been said to have pas­sion-boost­ing prop­er­ties (es­pe­cially when hand-fed to your lover!) Or why not re­ally spice things up with some chilli-laden food? It may sound counter-pro­duc­tive, but red chilli pep­pers stim­u­late en­dor­phins (the brain’s feel-good chem­i­cals), speed up heart rate and make you sweat, which all mimic how you feel when you’re aroused. Just don’t put too many chill­ies in your din­ner or you’ll be reach­ing for a glass of sooth­ing milk in­stead of each other!

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