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Feel like you’ve lost your oomph? Struggling to muster the en­ergy you need to get through your daily chores? Make a mag­i­cal tea and re­store your va-va-voom! This spe­cial in­fu­sion will help you feel con­fi­dent, fo­cused and in the zone!


Start by mak­ing an in­fu­sion of fresh rose­mary. This up­lift­ing herb boosts per­sonal power. Pop a cou­ple of sprigs in a cup and half-fill­with boil­ing wa­ter. Let the rose­mary steep for at least five min­utes, then drain the liq­uid into a fresh cup. Add a squeeze of le­mon juice for clar­ity and fo­cus, or if you need to boost self-es­teem, add a spoon­ful of honey. To fin­ish, brew up half a cup of your usual tea with­out milk, then pour in the pre-made rose­mary elixir. As you sip the tea, imag­ine your body sheathed in glow­ing white light.

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