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Whether you’re wor­ried about Brexit and cli­mate change, or mat­ters closer to home like money and your kids, you’ll be re­lieved to hear that 2019 prom­ises to be a re­ward­ing and joy­ful year, thanks to the in­flu­ence of the Pig. This lucky crea­ture brings a pe­riod of abun­dance and plea­sure. You’ll still need to work for what you want, but the Pig’s magic touch will make ev­ery­thing fall into place. Pigs are fairly re­laxed in na­ture, and this brings a sooth­ing en­ergy to the year ahead, mean­ing you’ll find more time to chill with fam­ily and friends. Pigs have a prac­ti­cal and solid na­ture and are pro­tec­tive when it comes to those they love, so make this your year for trea­sur­ing all the won­der­ful things and peo­ple in your life!

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