Two lit­tle princesses!

My mir­a­cle twins have a right royal re­sem­blance...

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By Danielle Walsh, 28, from Bolton

As the weight of my bump got too much for my 5ft 2in frame, I sat down to rest.

‘Do you think it could be twins?’ my brother Alex, 32, asked.

I was only three months gone, but my bump was al­ready huge.

This preg­nancy did feel dif­fer­ent from when I’d had my son Blayke, 7. But I didn’t be­lieve Alex’s the­ory.

‘Don’t be silly,’ I laughed. ‘Twins doesn’t even run in the fam­ily.’

But then, a few days later, a scan at Royal Bolton Hos­pi­tal con­firmed it.

‘No way!’ my hus­band Daniel, 28, splut­tered.

‘Wow!’ I said, start­ing to cry.

But shock soon gave way to fear.

‘Can you just stay for a few more tests?’ the doc­tors asked.

What was wrong with them?

‘The ba­bies have twin-to-twin trans­fu­sion syn­drome (TTTS),’ our doc­tor fi­nally told us.

One baby was get­ting more blood than the other, mean­ing that she was grow­ing more quickly.

‘There’s no guar­an­tee they’ll both sur­vive,’ we were warned.

Over the months, I was mon­i­tored closely. Un­til, on 16 Fe­bru­ary 2015, at just seven months, the ba­bies had to be de­liv­ered by emer­gency Cae­sarean. Elissa and

Si­enna were born, weigh­ing 4lb 4oz and just 2lb10oz. Elissa’s heart was leak­ing, and she went into car­diac ar­rest. ‘She’s so red and swollen,’ I cried out as the doc­tors rushed her to the In­ten­sive Care Unit. Si­enna needed two blood trans­fu­sions, and joined her twin in ICU. The wait was ag­o­nis­ing, but, three weeks on, the twins had ral­lied so much, they were ready to come home. Blayke did a great job of be­ing a big brother. And I was so thrilled with my mir­a­cle ba­bies. I was con­stantly snap­ping pic­tures of them in their iden­ti­cal out­fits. I shared the pho­tos on Face­book so fam­ily and friends could see their progress. But the girls had caught some­one else’s eye… In July last year, when the twins were 17 months, I got a call out of the blue from a pro­ducer for BBC1’S

Tracey Ull­man’s Show.

‘We’ve seen your twins on­line. They’re the spit­ting image of Princess Char­lotte,’ she told me. They’d be search­ing on­line for looka­like twins, and had spot­ted the girls. The pro­ducer wanted Si­enna and Elissa to ap­pear on one of Tracey Ull­man’s par­ody sketches about the Royal Fam­ily. I hadn’t even no­ticed the re­sem­blance. Hang­ing up, I googled P Princess Char­lotte, and c couldn’t be­lieve my eyes. Gig­gling, I beck­oned Daniel o over to see. ‘They look iden­ti­cal to her,’

he laughed. Same silky hair pretty pouts and big eyes…

I im­me­di­ately phoned the pro­ducer back and agreed to the film­ing. My twins were go­ing to be fa­mous!

A month later, we took the girls into Lon­don to film their episode. They had their own dress­ing room, with ted­dies they could play with on set!

They’d take it in turns to film a silly scene – like Camilla leav­ing Princess Char­lotte on top of a car.


Elissa and Si­enna couldn’t get enough of the cam­era – they were nat­u­ral per­form­ers, laugh­ing and pulling all the right faces, right on cue.

Tracey her­self was so lovely.

‘Every­one give the twins a round of ap­plause,’ she said at the end.

It was a five-month wait un­til the episode would air.

Fi­nally, in Jan­uary, it was time to watch our lit­tle princesses on the box. See­ing my ba­bies on TV was un­real. We re­wound and paused the show so much, laugh­ing at their re­ac­tions and cute, lit­tle faces.

Since then, we’re al­ways be­ing stopped and told that Elissa and Si­enna look like Princess Char­lotte.

‘Can I take a pic­ture?’ a stranger asked on hol­i­day.

After such a strug­gle to bring them into the world, show­ing them off is a real treat.

I just hope the fame doesn’t go to their heads.

Princesses they may be, but we don’t want di­vas!

Not amused by ‘Granny Camilla’ on the show!

Off the telly! Our stars, Si­enna and Elissa, al­ready shin­ing at 8 months!

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