Bingo win­ners

I found the win­ning trea­sure chest – and couldn’t be­lieve it!

Chat - - Inside - By Heather Al­lan, 62, from Aber­lour

As we live in the idyl­lic coun­try­side of north­ern Scot­land, we have very quiet life – but a pretty busy one! Work­ing seven days a week run­ning our own busi­ness can be ex­haust­ing – so re­lax­ation’s a pri­or­ity, when it comes to how we spend the evenings.

We’re both to­tally in love with the job – in fact, my part­ner Peter, 69, and I both thrive on it.

You’ll usu­ally find us ei­ther watch­ing the telly or read­ing a good novel in the evenings.

Then, back in June 2014, while I was look­ing on­line, I dis­cov­ered Chat Mag Bingo.

The site had lots of dif­fer­ent games from which to choose – and not just bingo, but also slot games with ex­cit­ing bonus games and huge jack­pots.

‘I think I’m go­ing to sign up for Chat Mag Bingo,’ I said to Peter one evening.

So, that night, I logged on to the site. And, in­stantly, I dis­cov­ered that I re­ally loved it – es­pe­cially all the amus­ing chat be­tween the play­ers.

Liv­ing in the mid­dle of nowhere, I learnt a lot about what was go­ing on in the world on Chat Mag Bingo.

In the cha­t­rooms, you’d find de­bates on cur­rent af­fairs and in­ter­est­ing dis­cus­sions on break­ing news – it all goes on in there!

I found it a lot of fun just watch­ing the con­ver­sa­tions un­fold, and I’d even join in some­times, too.

Then, on 28 June last year, I was just set­tling down in the liv­ing room one evening af­ter a hard day at work.

Peter was still out de­liv­er­ing some stuff to a cus­tomer, but he was due to be back soon.

So, hav­ing a lit­tle bit of time to my­self, I logged on and clicked through to the Tiki Tem­ple slot game. Then I no­ticed that the jack­pot was ab­so­lutely huge – over £20,000 in fact!

I clicked spin, and the reels be­gan to turn…

Then, sud­denly, they stopped and landed on the bonus sym­bols.

I saw the Tem­ple Bonus game pop up on my screen – and then I had to re­veal a key to un­lock one of the trea­sure chests.

One of them con­tained the jack­pot, which had now gone up to now nearly £21,000!

I chose a chest at ran­dom, and it popped open. And… I’d won the jack­pot – it was a mas­sive £20,840!

Star­ing at my com­puter screen, I had to dou­ble, triple and quadru­ple check!

I kept re­fresh­ing the screen

I had to dou­ble, triple and quadru­ple check!

We We’d d al­ways wanted a mo­tor home…

to make sure that I’d got it right.

Then I rang Peter – and he could barely make out my words as I screeched down the phone to him.

‘Peter, I’ve just won £20,840 on Chat Mag Bingo!’ I yelled. ‘Are you jok­ing?!’ he laughed. Peter came rush­ing home and I was still sit­ting star­ing at the screen in dis­be­lief as he came through the door.

‘What are you go­ing to spend the win­nings on?’ Peter asked, as ex­cited as I was.

I’d known al­most at once what I’d like to do with my sur­prise win.

It would buy a present for Peter and I, some­thing that we’d al­ways wanted… A vin­tage mo­tor home! So, af­ter all the ex­cite­ment, we en­joyed a re­lax­ing evening to­gether at home, look­ing for the per­fect one. And then we found it. An im­mac­u­late five-berth, with beau­ti­ful cup­boards and a huge comfy bed.

We bought some lovely cush­ions for the sofa and got some beau­ti­ful bed­ding.

Still, work­ing seven days a week, we haven’t had time to take it away yet. But where we live is so beau­ti­ful, it’s like be­ing on hol­i­day any­way.

Tak­ing it out as much as we can, we’ve even used it to go to the su­per­mar­ket!

And we drove it to the beach, just to spend some time in it.

With a bit of cash left over, I de­cided to buy Peter a sec­ond-hand Range Rover.

‘Thank you so much, love!’ he beamed, hap­pily.

I also treated my­self to some nice things I’d had my eye on.

My ad­vice to other play­ers is to al­ways make sure you play within your bud­get.

But Chat Mag Bingo is a won­der­ful way to have fun!

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