Er-in-law? w ay ! An­gel by my bed­side

This Mother’s Day, th­ese -law how much they love them!

Chat - - True-Life! - By Amanda Ste­wart, 35, from Car­luke, South La­narks

Sit­ting up in my hos­pi­tal bed, I groaned.

I was 32, had just had a pre­ven­ta­tive dou­ble mas­tec­tomy. The breast-can­cer risk in my fam­ily was too high.

Just then, my mother-in-law Janet, now 61, ap­peared, eyes brim­ming with tears.

‘Oh, love,’ she wept, clasp­ing my hand. ‘You’re so brave.’

She was the first per­son to see me.

Even be­fore her son, my hubby Jamie, 34.

To­gether with Jamie for 16 years, I’d hit it off with Janet the minute I’d met her.

Now she was like a sec­ond mum to me.

We shared the same tomboy­ish style and same mu­sic tastes – we’ve had great nights out see­ing Take That live three times!

When Jamie and I got en­gaged 10 years ago, I took Janet dress shop­ping.

I had mum num­ber one – my mum An­gela, now 60 – and mum num­ber two both cry­ing their eyes out! You see, Janet only has sons. ‘You’re the daugh­ter

We’ve seen Take That live three times!

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