Are YOU psy­chic?

Y H ave you got Mia’s in­cred­i­ble pow­ers of pre­dic­tion, too? Find out by go­ing to lifedeath­ and search­ing for ‘signs you are psy­chic’.

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just couldn’t be­lieve it. ‘How did she know?’ I cried. ‘I don’t know,’ Mark gulped, stunned.

De­spite Mia’s warn­ing, we were both in shock – but thrilled, too!

And it ex­plained the morn­ing sick­ness.

Back home, I hugged Mia tight. ‘You were right,’ I laughed. ‘It is twins.’ ‘I know,’ she shrugged coolly. But it was weird. Re­ally spooky, in fact. ‘Do you think she’s psy­chic?’ Mark whis­pered that night in bed.

She’d never shown any signs of be­ing ‘Mys­tic Mia’ be­fore, but who knew?

I kept go­ing back to that draw­ing she’d done.

Some­thing in­side her had def­i­nitely told her it was twins!

At 18 weeks, we dis­cov­ered it was iden­ti­cal boys.

‘Two broth­ers!’ Mia squealed.

Jes­sica was ex­cited, too.

But from then on, Mia was glued to my side, feel­ing for when they kicked.

Some­times, I’d just watch her rub­bing my belly. How did you know? I’d think. I had a Cae­sarean planned for 36 weeks, but five days be­fore, I went into labour nat­u­rally.

Leav­ing the girls with fam­ily, Mark rushed me to hos­pi­tal.

There, I had an emer­gency Cae­sarean sec­tion.

Thomas was born first, weigh­ing 4lb 1oz, then came Ethan, at 4lb 15oz.

Their lit­tle squawks filled the room.

‘Hello, my beau­ti­ful boys,’ I sobbed. ‘You look just like your big sis­ters.’

Af­ter a night in Neona­tal In­ten­sive Care, just to get a lit­tle help with their breath­ing, they were al­lowed back with me.

That’s when Mark brought the girls in to meet their new baby broth­ers.

‘Wow, they’re amaz­ing!’ Mia whis­pered, stroking their faces.

Now, the boys will be turn­ing 1 in May.

They’re such happy lit­tle things, and Mia dotes on them.

She’s al­ways on hand to get me nap­pies.

‘When can they play foot­ball?’ she begs con­stantly.

Peo­ple can’t be­lieve it when we tell them she guessed I was hav­ing twins.

And, to­day, the pic­ture our know­ing lit­tle girl drew of me hangs proudly on the twins’ wall.

She’s not made any more pre­dic­tions since. But who knows? We do have our very own lit­tle mys­tic at home!

Mia wants to know when they can play foot­ball!

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