Dou­ble baby bomb­shell

I dis­cov­ered my whole­some man was sow­ing his wild oats

Chat - - Contents - By Gemma Hitch­cock, 35, from Durs­ley

As I fussed with my hair in the mir­ror, nerves flut­tered in the pit of my stom­ach.

‘Here goes noth­ing,’ I mut­tered, pulling on my coat.

With one last glance at my re­flec­tion, I set off to the pub to meet my blind date.

I couldn’t quite be­lieve I was go­ing through with it.

But when my mum Ju­lia, now 55, had passed me the num­ber of a lo­cal farmer she’d met while horse-rid­ing, I’d been in­trigued.

‘His name’s Andy,’ she’d said. ‘He’s a lovely lad, you two would get on so well.’

It was Jan­uary 2011, and I’d been a sin­gle mum to my twin boys James and Lewis, then 5, for a few years.

I was usu­ally far too busy to meet any­one, but I did miss be­ing in a re­la­tion­ship,

So, I’d de­cided to give Andy a chance.

Why not?

I’d thought.

We mes­saged on Face­book for a few weeks.

Andy Work­man seemed warm and friendly.

So we’d ar­ranged a date.

And as I spot­ted him for the first time, wait­ing out­side the pub, I couldn’t help smil­ing. He’s gor­geous! I thought. ‘Nice to fi­nally meet you,’ Andy grinned, kiss­ing my cheek.

The but­ter­flies flut­ter­ing in my stom­ach went into over­drive. We hit it off straight­away. The con­ver­sa­tion flowed as we laughed and joked.

By the end of the night, I felt like I’d known him for ages.

‘I’d love to see you again,’ Andy smiled.

I’d in­tended to play hard to get – leave him hang­ing for few days.

No chance!

‘I’d like that,’ I beamed as we said good­bye.

Af­ter that, we be­came pretty much in­sep­a­ra­ble. Our re­la­tion­ship blos­somed – and a few months later, I in­tro­duced Andy to the boys.

They adored him as much as I did.

As an agri­cul­tural farmer, Andy was great at com­ing up with fun out­door ac­tiv­i­ties for them.

He had the kids in stitches as they all hap­pily splashed around in the mud. I’ve struck gold, I’d think. And Mum was chuffed to bits.

‘I knew you’d make a good cou­ple,’ she grinned.

Andy stayed over quite a bit, but he didn’t move in.

He told me he didn’t want to leave his mum alone at home.

Then, in June 2015, a few happy years af­ter our first date, I started to feel sick.

So I de­cided to take a preg­nancy test.

My jaw dropped as I stared at the blue lines.


Andy and I had barely talked about hav­ing our own kids, so I’d no idea how he’d re­act.

Pac­ing the hall­way that evening, I waited anx­iously for Andy to get back from work.

The sec­ond he walked through the door, I blurted out the news. ‘I’m preg­nant,’ I said. To my de­light, Andy broke into a huge, beaming smile.

‘That’s great news,’ he grinned. ‘We’ll be a proper family now.’

I was so happy, couldn’t wait for our baby to ar­rive.

At my 20-week scan, we found out we were ex­pect­ing a lit­tle girl.

With two boys al­ready, I was thrilled.

I started pre­par­ing for her ar­rival, buy­ing tiny pink sleep­suits and stock­ing up on nap­pies.

But as I grew closer to my due date, Andy seemed to be­come dis­tant.

He was work­ing longer hours on the farm and be­came se­cre­tive around his phone.

A seed of doubt was planted in my mind and it con­tin­ued

As I spot­ted him for the first time, I couldn’t help smil­ing

to grow as the time passed.

‘Things are just re­ally busy,’ Andy shrugged when I ques­tioned him.

‘I’m needed at the farm – plus we need money for the baby.’

I couldn’t ar­gue with that. Maybe it’s my hor­mones play­ing havoc with my emo­tions, I told my­self.

Andy was work­ing hard for our grow­ing family, af­ter all.

But when baby El­lanore was born in March 2016, Andy was still re­ally off.

Though he was ev­ery inch a dot­ing dad when he was with El­lanore. He adored our beau­ti­ful girl from the mo­ment he laid eyes on her.

Watch­ing them play to­gether made my heart swell.

The boys loved El­lanore, too.

Our lit­tle family felt com­plete and I’d never been hap­pier.

But just three months later, in June 2016, my bliss­ful bub­ble was well and truly popped.

One evening, once we’d got El­lanore off to sleep, Andy and I snug­gled up on the sofa to watch a film.

Only, he sud­denly got up and walked out of the room.


He seemed tense, on edge. But when I asked him what was wrong, he clammed up.

The next day I was still feel­ing wor­ried about it.

Then, that morn­ing, a text from Andy pinged on my phone.

I need to tell you some­thing, it read. But you’re go­ing to hate me for it.

I felt phys­i­cally sick as I read his words. Did I re­ally want to hear this?

But my in­stincts took over,

and I shak­ily typed out a re­ply. Who have you slept with?

I des­per­ately hoped Andy would tell me I was be­ing silly, that of course he hadn’t cheated on me.

But his next mes­sage floored me. It’s worse than that...

A text pinged. he wanted to tell me some­thing...

T ears slipped down my cheeks as I read on... She’s preg­nant. I’m so sorry.

Preg­nant?! In a heart­beat, my whole world col­lapsed around me. I felt numb. Then an­gry. You’re a coward. Come home and tell me this to my face, I wrote.

To my sur­prise, Andy re­turned with his tail be­tween his legs.

He ad­mit­ted he’d been cheat­ing on me.

Through­out my en­tire preg­nancy.

He’d been hav­ing an affair with a wo­man he’d met through friends.

Bile rose in my throat as Andy told me that he’d found out she was preg­nant just three days af­ter I’d given birth.

And his ex­cuse for keep­ing quiet? He didn’t want to risk up­set­ting me when I had a new baby to look af­ter. ‘Rub­bish!’ I spat. El­lanore was happy, healthy – and she had been born over three months ago by now.

‘You’ve had plenty of time to tell me since then,’ I cried.

He’d clearly just been too much of a coward. ‘I’m so sorry – I re­gret ev­ery­thing,’ he said. But I wasn’t buy­ing it. ‘I can’t be­lieve you’ve done this to me, to our family,’ I wept. Andy apologised to me over and over again. But his words meant noth­ing to me. I was devastated, and I knew I could never for­give him. But I needed more an­swers. So I de­cided to mes­sage the other wo­man. I’d man­aged to get her name out of Andy and then I found her on Face­book. She con­firmed that she’d

been sleeping with Andy for months.

She said that she even knew about me – and that I was preg­nant.

I was furious. Who did he think he was?

Hor­ri­fied, I kicked him out there and then.

The other wo­man had a baby girl – just seven months af­ter El­lanore was born.

She and Andy aren’t to­gether any more, but I don’t know how it ended.

Now, Andy and I are civil for El­lanore’s sake, and he’s still in her life.

But I’ll never for­give or for­get what he put me through.

We’re all bet­ter off with­out that phi­lan­der­ing farmer.

I’m mov­ing on with my life for good.

My lovely El­lanore

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