Slayed grand­par­ents

An an­gry teenager took the most bru­tal re­venge on her ‘strict’ grand­par­ents...

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Cassie Bjorge was a trou­bled teenager. In 2016, she was sent to live with the par­ents of her mum Amanda – Wendy and Ran­dall, both 63 – in Lawrencevi­lle, Ge­or­gia.

To an out­sider, Cassie looked like a sweet and in­no­cent girl. But, be­hind closed doors, she was start­ing to rebel.

Be­tween Oc­to­ber 2015 and March 2017, the po­lice were called to the Bjorges’ home 31 times for a num­ber of rea­sons, in­clud­ing do­mes­tic dis­putes.

At just 16, Cassie was charged with as­sault­ing her grand­mother. The teen was re­ported miss­ing a num­ber of times, leav­ing her grand­par­ents sick with worry.

Cassie’s aunt and un­cle, Sylvia and Chris, were con­cerned about the sit­u­a­tion, too.

In April 2017, Wendy texted her daugh­ter Sylvia.

I’m go­ing to bed soon, she wrote. Maybe tomorrow will be bet­ter. All I can do is hope for the best and ex­pect the worst. It shouldn’t be this hard for any of us.

Days later, af­ter Sylvia had heard noth­ing from her mum since that text mes­sage, she grew in­creas­ingly con­cerned.

On 6 April, the po­lice went to the Bjorges’ home to check on the family. The of­fi­cers knocked, but there was no an­swer.

How­ever, on the face of it, noth­ing seemed sus­pi­cious so the po­lice left.

The next day, the of­fi­cers re­turned to the prop­erty – just as the day be­fore, there was no an­swer. A miss­ing-per­sons re­port was filed.

The fol­low­ing evening, the po­lice were called to deal with an in­ci­dent.

A young wo­man had been at­tacked by her brother, Johnny Rider, 19. He’d ar­rived at his family home armed with a base­ball bat, started lash­ing out.

And he was with a teenage girl – Cassie Bjorge.

When the po­lice ar­rived, Johnny and Cassie had fled. Then the of­fi­cers no­ticed Wendy and Ran­dall’s car not far away.

Three hours later, the po­lice re­turned to the Bjorges’ ad­dress, forced their way in.

In­side, they were con­fronted by a scene of ut­ter hor­ror– the el­derly cou­ple had been bru­tally slain.

Beaten to death and stabbed in the throat, their corpses were al­ready de­com­pos­ing.

The po­lice re­alised they’d been dead for around a week.

The de­tec­tives launched an in­ves­ti­ga­tion and started search­ing for Cassie and Johnny.

They tracked them down to a block of flats and, at 9.54am the fol­low­ing morn­ing, sur­rounded the build­ing.

The teenagers weren’t ready

And the rea­son for such hor­rific killings..?

to sur­ren­der just yet, though. There was a stand­off.

Af­ter around an hour, the po­lice used a robotic de­vice to en­ter the apart­ment.

It was then that they re­alised both Cassie and Johnny were in­jured, both with self-in­flicted knife wounds.

The po­lice be­lieved they were try­ing to kill them­selves be­fore jus­tice could be served and, by the time they got to them, both Cassie and Rider were un­con­scious.

The teenagers were taken to hos­pi­tal, where Cassie had surgery.

Once they were dis­charged from hos­pi­tal, the pair were taken to Gwin­nett County jail.

Both pleaded guilty to mur­der, ag­gra­vated as­sault and theft.

And the rea­son for the killings? The sick teens felt the lov­ing grand­par­ents were too strict.

In Fe­bru­ary this year, Gwin­nett County Court heard how the Bjorges were sav­agely slaugh­tered in their home by their own grand­daugh­ter.

The pros­e­cu­tors told how, on the night of the mur­ders, Cassie and Johnny waited for the lights to go out at the Bjorges’ home.

They let them­selves in with Cassie’s key.

Cassie am­bushed and beat her grand­mother, while Johnny kicked Ran­dall and beat him with a tyre iron.

Johnny then stabbed the el­derly cou­ple in the throats.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the court heard how the teenagers went to great lengths to cover up their sick crime.

The pros­e­cu­tors said they’d poured bleach over the Bjorges’ bod­ies, then sealed the doors in­side the house to mask the stench of de­com­po­si­tion.

While the Bjorges lay dead, Cassie and Johnny were far from re­morse­ful and or­dered take­aways and even had par­ties, with their friends un­aware of the hor­ror that lay just me­tres away.

Mem­bers of the Bjorge family stood up in court and de­scribed the im­pact that the mur­ders had had on them.

Ran­dall’s sis­ter laid out all of the ag­o­nis­ing ques­tions that ran through her mind when she thought about how her brother was killed by his own grand­child.

‘Did he die quickly? Did Cassie see his face?’ she cried. ‘Did he see Cassie’s face? Some­one he loved so much, some­one he was so proud of.’

The Gwin­nett County judge spoke of her dis­gust at the lengths the teens went to in or­der to cover up their crime.

‘I just con­tinue to be stunned that you sealed ar­eas so that you could make sure the smell of de­cay­ing hu­man flesh wouldn’t be no­ticed,’ she said.

‘That you had par­ties and or­dered Chi­nese food with two peo­ple that you had bru­tally mur­dered ly­ing up­stairs.’

Cassie cried in the dock, but re­mained silent dur­ing pro­ceed­ings, while Johnny spoke to the court.

‘I would like to ex­press my deep­est apolo­gies to the Bjorge family,’ he said. ‘I’m so sorry for the pain and grief I have caused all of you. I know what I have done is abom­inable and evil and is de­serv­ing of hell­fire.’ Cassie Bjorge and Johnny Rider were sen­tenced to life. They will not be con­sid­ered for pa­role for 60 years.

The judge de­scribed the case as the worst she had ever seen.

She said, ‘I’m not sure I’ve ever imag­ined such a well-planned, de­spi­ca­ble, heinous act to be com­mit­ted by two such young peo­ple.’

Mean­while, Cassie’s mum, Amanda Ster­ling – who had now lost both her par­ents and her daugh­ter – told Press, ‘Not in a mil­lion years did I think some­thing like this would ever hap­pen.’

Then they’d or­dered take­aways and had par­ties

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