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In­flamed eyes

Q My eyes are al­ways sore, and my GP’S di­ag­nosed ble­phar­i­tis. Isn’t there a cure? Katlina A Ble­phar­i­tis (in­flamed eye­lids) is usu­ally due to a bac­te­rial or yeast in­fec­tion. It’s tricky to cure, but clean­ing your eye­lids with di­luted baby sham­poo or bi­car­bon­ate of soda can ease symp­toms. Your GP might sug­gest tablets or an­tibi­otic oint­ment for flare-ups.

I can’t walk

Q On the ball of my foot, a bone sticks out just be­hind my sec­ond toe. I’m get­ting a corn over it, and it’s painful to walk. Hay­ley, Liver­pool A It’s called a prom­i­nent metatarsal head. You have five long metatarsal bones in your foot. At the end of each is a swelling, the head. If you’re born with one head lower, then it can lead to pain. Treat­ment means cush­ioned shoe in­serts, or maybe an op.

Blood in my wee

Q I fell onto my back from a lad­der and bruised my side. I had blood in my wee for a cou­ple of days but it’s gone. Is it OK to ig­nore? Amy A You’ve prob­a­bly bruised your kid­ney, lead­ing to pain and in­ter­nal bleed­ing. Usu­ally, the kid­ney heals within a few days with­out any treat­ment other than painkiller­s. But it’s a se­ri­ous in­jury, so see your doc­tor to check for other dam­age.

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